Anife Ahmedova
Anife Ahmedova
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Anticancer Potencies of PtII‐ and PdII‐linked M2L4 Coordination Capsules with Improved Selectivity
A Ahmedova, D Momekova, M Yamashina, P Shestakova, G Momekov, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 11 (4), 474-477, 2016
Copper radiopharmaceuticals for theranostic applications
A Ahmedova, B Todorov, N Burdzhiev, C Goze
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 157, 1406-1425, 2018
1H, 13C MAS NMR and DFT GIAO study of quercetin and its complex with Al (III) in solid state
A Ahmedova, K Paradowska, I Wawer
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 110, 27-35, 2012
M 2 L 4 coordination capsules with tunable anticancer activity upon guest encapsulation
A Ahmedova, R Mihaylova, D Momekova, P Shestakova, S Stoykova, ...
Dalton Transactions 45 (33), 13214-13221, 2016
Biomedical applications of metallosupramolecular assemblies—structural aspects of the anticancer activity
A Ahmedova
Frontiers in Chemistry 6, 620, 2018
Quantum chemical and spectroscopic study of the structure of 2-acetylindan-1, 3-dione complexes with metal (II) ions
V Enchev, A Ahmedova, G Ivanova, I Wawer, N Stoyanov, M Mitewa
Journal of Molecular Structure 595 (1-3), 67-76, 2001
Structure of 2, 4-dithiohydantoin complexes with copper and nickel: Solid-state NMR as verification method
A Ahmedova, P Marinova, K Paradowska, M Marinov, I Wawer, M Mitewa
Polyhedron 29 (6), 1639-1645, 2010
A combined experimental and theoretical approach for structural study on a new cinnamoyl derivative of 2-acetyl-1, 3-indandione and its metal (II) complexes
A Ahmedova, P Marinova, S Ciattini, N Stoyanov, M Springborg, M Mitewa
Structural Chemistry 20, 101-111, 2009
2‐Acetylindan‐1,3‐dione and its Cu2+ and Zn2+ complexes as promising sunscreen agents
A Ahmedova, V Mantareva, V Enchev, M Mitewa
International journal of cosmetic science 24 (2), 103-110, 2002
Copper complexes of two cycloalkanespiro-5-dithiohydantoins: Synthesis, oxidation states and characterization
A Ahmedova, P Marinova, G Tyuliev, M Mitewa
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 11 (5), 545-548, 2008
Synthesis and characterization of copper (II) and nickel (II) complexes of (9′-fluorene)-spiro-5-dithiohydantoin
A Ahmedova, P Marinova, K Paradowska, M Marinov, M Mitewa
Journal of Molecular structure 892 (1-3), 13-19, 2008
Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic properties of some 2-substituted 1, 3-indandiones and their metal complexes
A Ahmedova, V Atanasov, P Marinova, N Stoyanov, M Mitewa
Open Chemistry 7 (3), 429-438, 2009
X-ray and 57Fe Mössbauer study on a Fe (III) complex of 2-acetyl-1, 3-indandione
A Ahmedova, V Rusanov, A Hazell, JA Wolny, G Gochev, AX Trautwein, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 359 (10), 3123-3128, 2006
Four cycloalkanespiro-4′-imidazolidine-2′, 5′-dithiones
B Shivachev, R Petrova, P Marinova, N Stoyanov, A Ahmedova, M Mitewa
Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications 62 (4 …, 2006
Reaction of 2-acetyl-indane-1, 3-dione with aniline-Schiff base or enamine?
V Enchev, G Ivanova, G Pavlović, M Rogojerov, A Ahmedova, M Mitewa
Journal of Molecular Structure 654 (1-3), 11-20, 2003
Spectroscopic aspects of the coordination modes of 2, 4-dithiohydantoins: Experimental and theoretical study on copper and nickel complexes of cyclohexanespiro-5-(2, 4 …
A Ahmedova, P Marinova, K Paradowska, N Stoyanov, I Wawer, M Mitewa
Inorganica Chimica Acta 363 (14), 3919-3925, 2010
Two cycloalkanespiro-5-(2-thiohydantoins): synthesis, spectral and structural characterization
A Ahmedova, G Pavlović, M Marinov, N Stoyanov, D Šišak, M Mitewa
Journal of Molecular Structure 938 (1-3), 165-173, 2009
X-ray structure and magnetochemical study on a Co (II) complex of 2-acetyl-1, 3-indandione
A Ahmedova, O Cador, L Sorace, S Ciattini, D Gatteschi, M Mitewa
Journal of Coordination Chemistry 61 (24), 3879-3886, 2008
Experimental and theoretical study on the structure and optical properties of 2-acyl-1, 3-indandiones–conformational effects
A Ahmedova, G Pavlović, D Zhiryakova, D Šišak, N Stoyanov, ...
Journal of molecular structure 981 (1-3), 10-20, 2010
Synthesis, structure, spectral and coordination properties of a crown ether derivative of 1, 3-indandione. A new structural evidence for the versatile reactivity of 2-acetyl-1 …
A Ahmedova, N Burdzhiev, S Ciattini, E Stanoeva, M Mitewa
Comptes Rendus. Chimie 13 (10), 1269-1277, 2010
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