David Saque Henriques
David Saque Henriques
Post-Doctoral Researcher, IIM-CSIC
Потвърден имейл адрес: iim.csic.es
CellNOptR: a flexible toolkit to train protein signaling networks to data using multiple logic formalisms
C Terfve, T Cokelaer, D Henriques, A MacNamara, E Goncalves, ...
BMC systems biology 6 (1), 1-14, 2012
MEIGO: an open-source software suite based on metaheuristics for global optimization in systems biology and bioinformatics
JA Egea, D Henriques, T Cokelaer, AF Villaverde, A MacNamara, ...
BMC bioinformatics 15 (1), 1-9, 2014
AMIGO2, a toolbox for dynamic modeling, optimization and control in systems biology
E Balsa-Canto, D Henriques, A Gábor, JR Banga
Bioinformatics 32 (21), 3357-3359, 2016
State–time spectrum of signal transduction logic models
A MacNamara, C Terfve, D Henriques, BP Bernabé, J Saez-Rodriguez
Physical biology 9 (4), 045003, 2012
BioPreDyn-bench: a suite of benchmark problems for dynamic modelling in systems biology
AF Villaverde, D Henriques, K Smallbone, S Bongard, J Schmid, ...
BMC systems biology 9 (1), 1-15, 2015
Data-driven reverse engineering of signaling pathways using ensembles of dynamic models
D Henriques, AF Villaverde, M Rocha, J Saez-Rodriguez, JR Banga
PLoS computational biology 13 (2), e1005379, 2017
SYNBADm: a tool for optimization-based automated design of synthetic gene circuits
I Otero-Muras, D Henriques, JR Banga
Bioinformatics 32 (21), 3360-3362, 2016
Reverse engineering of logic-based differential equation models using a mixed-integer dynamic optimization approach
D Henriques, M Rocha, J Saez-Rodriguez, JR Banga
Bioinformatics 31 (18), 2999-3007, 2015
Saccharomyces cerevisiae and S. kudriavzevii synthetic wine fermentation performance dissected by predictive modeling
D Henriques, J Alonso-del-Real, A Querol, E Balsa-Canto
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 88, 2018
Systems pharmacology dissection of cholesterol regulation reveals determinants of large pharmacodynamic variability between cell lines
P Blattmann, D Henriques, M Zimmermann, F Frommelt, U Sauer, ...
Cell systems 5 (6), 604-619. e7, 2017
A parallel metaheuristic for large mixed-integer dynamic optimization problems, with applications in computational biology
DR Penas, D Henriques, P González, R Doallo, J Saez-Rodriguez, ...
PloS one 12 (8), e0182186, 2017
Modeling signaling networks with different formalisms: a preview
A MacNamara, D Henriques, J Saez-Rodriguez
In Silico Systems Biology, 89-105, 2013
MEIGOR: a software suite based on metaheuristics for global optimization in systems biology and bioinformatics
JA Egea, D Henriques, T Cokelaer, AF Villaverde, JR Banga, ...
Submitted (available on arXiv. org: http://arxiv. org/abs/1311.5735), 2014
A multi-phase multi-objective genome-scale model shows diverse redox balance strategies in yeasts
D Henriques, R Minebois, S Mendonza, LG Macias, R Pérez-Torrado, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
Monod model is insufficient to explain biomass growth in nitrogen-limited yeast fermentation
D Henriques, E Balsa-Canto
bioRxiv, 2021
A Multiphase Multiobjective Dynamic Genome-Scale Model Shows Different Redox Balancing among Yeast Species of the Saccharomyces Genus in Fermentation
D Henriques, R Minebois, SN Mendoza, LG Macías, R Pérez-Torrado, ...
Msystems 6 (4), e00260-21, 2021
A multi-phase multi-objective dynamic genome-scale model shows different redox balancing among yeast species in fermentation
D Henriques, R Minebois, SN Mendonza, LG Macías, R Pérez-Torrado, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
Bioinformatics and systems biology for the design of novel wines
D Henriques, R Minebois, LG Macías, R Pérez-Torrado, E Barrio, ...
Predicting Dynamic Metabolic Flux Distributions in Wine Fermentation
D Henriques, R Minebois, R Pérez-Torrado, A Querol, E Balsa-Canto
Una metaheurística paralela para grandes problemas de optimización dinámica entera mixta, con aplicaciones en la biología computacional
DP Alonso, D Henriques, P González, R Doallo, JS Rodriguez, JR Banga
XVIII Conferencia de la Asociación Española para la Inteligencia Artificial …, 2018
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