Shin-ichi Ohkoshi
Shin-ichi Ohkoshi
The Universiy of Tokyo
Потвърден имейл адрес: chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Control of charge-transfer-induced spin transition temperature on cobalt− iron Prussian blue analogues
N Shimamoto, S Ohkoshi, O Sato, K Hashimoto
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Light-induced spin-crossover magnet
S Ohkoshi, K Imoto, Y Tsunobuchi, S Takano, H Tokoro
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Design and preparation of a novel magnet exhibiting two compensation temperatures based on molecular field theory
S Ohkoshi, Y Abe, A Fujishima, K Hashimoto
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Giant coercive field of nanometer‐sized iron oxide
J Jin, S Ohkoshi, K Hashimoto
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A High-Spin Cyanide-Bridged Mn9W6 Cluster (S = 39/2) with a Full-Capped Cubane Structure
ZJ Zhong, H Seino, Y Mizobe, M Hidai, A Fujishima, S Ohkoshi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (12), 2952-2953, 2000
Humidity-induced magnetization and magnetic pole inversion in a cyano-bridged metal assembly
S Ohkoshi, KI Arai, Y Sato, K Hashimoto
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ε-Fe2O3: An Advanced Nanomaterial Exhibiting Giant Coercive Field, Millimeter-Wave Ferromagnetic Resonance, and Magnetoelectric Coupling
J Tucek, R Zboril, A Namai, S Ohkoshi
Chemistry of Materials 22 (24), 6483-6505, 2010
First Observation of Phase Transformation of All Four Fe2O3 Phases (γ → ε → β → α-Phase)
S Sakurai, A Namai, K Hashimoto, S Ohkoshi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (51), 18299-18303, 2009
High proton conduction in a chiral ferromagnetic metal–organic quartz-like framework
E Pardo, C Train, G Gontard, K Boubekeur, O Fabelo, H Liu, B Dkhil, ...
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Photoinduced magnetization in copper octacyanomolybdate
S Ohkoshi, H Tokoro, T Hozumi, Y Zhang, K Hashimoto, C Mathonière, ...
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Photoinduced magnetic pole inversion in a ferro–ferrimagnet:
S Ohkoshi, S Yorozu, O Sato, T Iyoda, A Fujishima, K Hashimoto
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Coexistence of ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism in a rubidium manganese hexacyanoferrate
S Ohkoshi, H Tokoro, T Matsuda, H Takahashi, H Irie, K Hashimoto
Angewandte Chemie 119 (18), 3302-3305, 2007
Photomagnetism in cyano-bridged bimetal assemblies
S Ohkoshi, H Tokoro
Accounts of chemical research 45 (10), 1749-1758, 2012
Synthesis of an electromagnetic wave absorber for high-speed wireless communication
A Namai, S Sakurai, M Nakajima, T Suemoto, K Matsumoto, M Goto, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (3), 1170-1173, 2009
90-degree optical switching of output second-harmonic light in chiral photomagnet
S Ohkoshi, S Takano, K Imoto, M Yoshikiyo, A Namai, H Tokoro
Nature Photonics 8 (1), 65-71, 2014
A millimeter‐wave absorber based on gallium‐substituted ε‐iron oxide nanomagnets
S Ohkoshi, S Kuroki, S Sakurai, K Matsumoto, K Sato, S Sasaki
Angewandte Chemie 119 (44), 8544-8547, 2007
Synthesis of a metal oxide with a room-temperature photoreversible phase transition
S Ohkoshi, Y Tsunobuchi, T Matsuda, K Hashimoto, A Namai, F Hakoe, ...
Nature chemistry 2 (7), 539-545, 2010
Photoinduced magnetization in a two-dimensional cobalt octacyanotungstate
Y Arimoto, S Ohkoshi, ZJ Zhong, H Seino, Y Mizobe, K Hashimoto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (31), 9240-9241, 2003
High proton conductivity in prussian blue analogues and the interference effect by magnetic ordering
S Ohkoshi, K Nakagawa, K Tomono, K Imoto, Y Tsunobuchi, H Tokoro
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (19), 6620-6621, 2010
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