Michael A. Bevan
Michael A. Bevan
Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
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Direct measurement of retarded van der Waals attraction
MA Bevan, DC Prieve
Langmuir 15 (23), 7925-7936, 1999
Hindered diffusion of colloidal particles very near to a wall: Revisited
MA Bevan, DC Prieve
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Comparison of nanoparticle size and electrophoretic mobility measurements using a carbon-nanotube-based coulter counter, dynamic light scattering, transmission electron …
T Ito, L Sun, MA Bevan, RM Crooks
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Nanoparticle-mediated epitaxial assembly of colloidal crystals on patterned substrates
W Lee, A Chan, MA Bevan, JA Lewis, PV Braun
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Opto-thermophoretic assembly of colloidal matter
L Lin, J Zhang, X Peng, Z Wu, ACH Coughlan, Z Mao, MA Bevan, Y Zheng
Science advances 3 (9), e1700458, 2017
Forces and hydrodynamic interactions between polystyrene surfaces with adsorbed PEO− PPO− PEO
MA Bevan, DC Prieve
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Direct measurement of single and ensemble average particle− surface potential energy profiles
HJ Wu, MA Bevan
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Aggregation dynamics for two particles during electrophoretic deposition under steady fields
Y Solomentsev, SA Guelcher, M Bevan, JL Anderson
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Optimal feedback controlled assembly of perfect crystals
X Tang, B Rupp, Y Yang, TD Edwards, MA Grover, MA Bevan
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Feedback controlled colloidal self‐assembly
JJ Juárez, MA Bevan
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Measurement and Interpretation of Particle− Particle and Particle− Wall Interactions in Levitated Colloidal Ensembles
HJ Wu, TO Pangburn, RE Beckham, MA Bevan
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Interfacial colloidal crystallization via tunable hydrogel depletants
GE Fernandes, DJ Beltran-Villegas, MA Bevan
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Interactions and microstructures in electric field mediated colloidal assembly
JJ Juárez, MA Bevan
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (13), 134704, 2009
Electric field mediated assembly of three dimensional equilibrium colloidal crystals
JJ Juárez, SE Feicht, MA Bevan
Soft Matter 8 (1), 94-103, 2012
Label-free brain injury biomarker detection based on highly sensitive large area organic thin film transistor with hybrid coupling layer
W Huang, K Besar, R LeCover, P Dulloor, J Sinha, JFM Hardigree, C Pick, ...
Chemical Science 5 (1), 416-426, 2014
Electrostatically confined nanoparticle interactions and dynamics
SL Eichmann, SG Anekal, MA Bevan
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Controlling colloidal particles with electric fields
TD Edwards, MA Bevan
Langmuir 30 (36), 10793-10803, 2014
Light scattering characterization of polystyrene latex with and without adsorbed polymer
GK Min, MA Bevan, DC Prieve, GD Patterson
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Hydrodynamic and electrokinetic properties of decane droplets in aqueous sodium dodecyl sulfate solutions
SA Nespolo, MA Bevan, DYC Chan, F Grieser, GW Stevens
Langmuir 17 (23), 7210-7218, 2001
Depletion-mediated potentials and phase behavior for micelles, macromolecules, nanoparticles, and hydrogel particles
TD Edwards, MA Bevan
Langmuir 28 (39), 13816-13823, 2012
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