Luisa F Pallares
Luisa F Pallares
Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society
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Use of a natural hybrid zone for genomewide association mapping of craniofacial traits in the house mouse
LF Pallares, B Harr, LM Turner, D Tautz
Molecular Ecology 23 (23), 5756-5770, 2014
Mapping of craniofacial traits in outbred mice identifies major developmental genes involved in shape determination
LF Pallares, P Carbonetto, S Gopalakrishnan, CC Parker, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (11), e1005607, 2015
Exploring the effects of gene dosage on mandible shape in mice as a model for studying the genetic basis of natural variation
L Boell, LF Pallares, C Brodski, YP Chen, JL Christian, YA Kousa, P Kuss, ...
Development genes and evolution 223, 279-287, 2013
TM3’seq: A tagmentation-mediated 3’sequencing approach for improving scalability of RNAseq experiments
LF Pallares, S Picard, JF Ayroles
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 10 (1), 143-150, 2020
The structure of behavioral variation within a genotype
Z Werkhoven, A Bravin, K Skutt-Kakaria, P Reimers, LF Pallares, ...
Elife 10, e64988, 2021
Craniofacial shape transition across the house mouse hybrid zone: implications for the genetic architecture and evolution of between-species differences
LF Pallares, LM Turner, D Tautz
Development genes and evolution 226, 173-186, 2016
Searching for solutions to the missing heritability problem
LF Pallares
elife 8, e53018, 2019
Dietary stress remodels the genetic architecture of lifespan variation in outbred Drosophila
LF Pallares, AJ Lea, C Han, EV Filippova, P Andolfatto, JF Ayroles
Nature genetics 55 (1), 123-129, 2023
Mouse skull mean shape and shape robustness rely on different genetic architectures and different loci
C Varón-González, LF Pallares, V Debat, N Navarro
Frontiers in Genetics 10, 64, 2019
Genomic regions controlling shape variation in the first upper molar of the house mouse
LF Pallares, R Ledevin, S Pantalacci, LM Turner, E Steingrimsson, ...
Elife 6, e29510, 2017
Using the Mus musculus hybrid zone to assess covariation and genetic architecture of limb bone lengths
N Škrabar, LM Turner, LF Pallares, B Harr, D Tautz
Molecular ecology resources 18 (4), 908-921, 2018
Characterizing the landscape of gene expression variance in humans
S Wolf, D Melo, KM Garske, LF Pallares, AJ Lea, JF Ayroles
PLoS genetics 19 (7), e1010833, 2023
New experimental support for long standing concepts of polygenic genetics implies that the Mendelian genetic paradigm needs to be revised: The New (Old) Genetics, Version 1.0
D Tautz, G Reeves, LF Pallares
NAL-live 2020 (1), 1-15, 2020
Saturating the eQTL map in Drosophila melanogaster: genome-wide patterns of cis and trans regulation of transcriptional variation in outbred populations
LF Pallares, D Melo, S Wolf, EM Cofer, V Abhyankar, J Peng, JF Ayroles
bioRxiv, 2023.05. 20.541576, 2023
Reassessing the modularity of gene co-expression networks using the Stochastic Block Model
D Melo, LF Pallares, JF Ayroles
bioRxiv, 2023
From GWAS to signal validation: An approach for estimating genetic effects while preserving genomic context
S Wolf, V Abhyankar, D Melo, JF Ayroles, LF Pallares
bioRxiv, 2023
Determinants of microbiome composition: Insights from free‐ranging hybrid zebras (Equus quagga × grevyi)
JO Abraham, B Lin, AE Miller, LP Henry, MY Demmel, R Warungu, ...
Molecular ecology 33 (11), e17370, 2024
Longitudinal sequencing reveals polygenic and epistatic nature of genomic response to selection
SKG Forsberg, D Melo, S Wolf, JK Grenier, M Tang, LP Henry, LF Pallares, ...
genetic effects on longevity
JF Ayroles, LF Pallares
Nature Genetics 55, 8-9, 2023
Environmentally-induced variation in lifespan is regulated by cryptic genetic variation n Drosophila
L Pallares, M Lea, C Han, P Andolfatto, J Ayroles
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