Cheng Chih  Hsieh
Cheng Chih Hsieh
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An accurate locally active memristor model for S-type negative differential resistance in NbOx
GA Gibson, S Musunuru, J Zhang, K Vandenberghe, J Lee, CC Hsieh, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (2), 2016
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and spin glass-like behavior in molecular beam epitaxy grown chromium telluride thin films
A Roy, S Guchhait, R Dey, T Pramanik, CC Hsieh, A Rai, SK Banerjee
ACS nano 9 (4), 3772-3779, 2015
A sub-1-volt analog metal oxide memristive-based synaptic device with large conductance change for energy-efficient spike-based computing systems
CC Hsieh, C Yao-Feng, A Roy, D Shahrjerdi, SK Banerjee
Applied Physics Letters 109 (22), 2016
Memcomputing (Memristor + Computing) in Intrinsic SiOx-Based Resistive Switching Memory: Arithmetic Operations for Logic Applications
YF Chang, F Zhou, BW Fowler, YC Chen, CC Hsieh, L Guckert, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64 (7), 2977-2983, 2017
Characteristics and mechanism study of cerium oxide based random access memories
CC Hsieh, A Roy, A Rai, YF Chang, SK Banerjee
Applied Physics Letters 106 (17), 2015
Dynamic conductance characteristics in HfO x-based resistive random access memory
YC Chen, YF Chang, X Wu, F Zhou, M Guo, CY Lin, CC Hsieh, B Fowler, ...
RSC advances 7 (21), 12984-12989, 2017
Angular dependence of magnetization reversal in epitaxial chromium telluride thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
T Pramanik, A Roy, R Dey, A Rai, S Guchhait, HCP Movva, CC Hsieh, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 437, 72-77, 2017
Short-Term Relaxation in HfOx/CeOx Resistive Random Access Memory With Selector
CC Hsieh, YF Chang, Y Jeon, A Roy, D Shahrjerdi, SK Banerjee
IEEE Electron Device Letters 38 (7), 871-874, 2017
Highly non-linear and reliable amorphous silicon based back-to-back Schottky diode as selector device for large scale RRAM arrays
CC Hsieh, YF Chang, YC Chen, D Shahrjerdi, SK Banerjee
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6 (9), N143, 2017
Review of recently progress on neural electronics and memcomputing applications in intrinsic SiOx-based resistive switching memory
CC Hsieh, YF Chang, YC Chen, X Wu, M Guo, F Zhou, S Kim, B Fowler, ...
Memristor and Memristive Neural Networks, 2017
High yield silicon photonic crystal microcavity biosensors with 100fM detection limit
Y Zou, S Chakravarty, WC Lai, CC Hsieh, RT Chen
Frontiers in Biological Detection: From Nanosensors to Systems V 8570, 57-63, 2013
A universal model for interface-type threshold switching phenomena by comprehensive study of Vanadium oxide-based selector
CY Lin, YC Chen, M Guo, CH Pan, FY Jin, YT Tseng, CC Hsieh, X Wu, ...
2017 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Application …, 2017
First-principles simulation of oxygen vacancy migration in , , and at their interfaces for applications in resistive random-access memories
AA Bhatti, CC Hsieh, A Roy, LF Register, SK Banerjee
Journal of Computational Electronics 15 (3), 741-748, 2016
Cerium oxide based resistive random access memory devices
CC Hsieh
Comprehensive study of intrinsic unipolar SiOx-based ReRAM characteristics in AC frequency response and low voltage (< 2V) operation
YC Chen, YF Chang, B Fowler, F Zhou, X Wu, CC Hsieh, HL Chang, ...
2016 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Application …, 2016
Cerium oxide based bipolar resistive switching memory with low operation voltage and high resistance ratio
CC Hsieh, A Roy, YF Chang, A Rai, S Banerjee
2015 73rd Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), 101-102, 2015
Magnetic and magneto-transport studies of MBE grown Cr2Te3 thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
A Roy, S Guchhait, R Dey, T Pramanik, CC Hsieh, A Rai, S Banerjee
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2015, H1. 175, 2015
Thin, relaxed Si1− xGex virtual substrates on Si grown using C-doped Ge buffers
W Hsu, J Mantey, CC Hsieh, A Roy, SK Banerjee
Applied Physics Letters 105 (15), 2014
Silicon Photonic Crystal Open Sensors for High Sensitivity Multiplexed Chem-Bio Sensing
S Chakravarty, WC Lai, Y Zou, CC Hsieh, L Zhu, RT Chen
Laser Science, LTh1H. 3, 2013
Slow light waveguide and enhanced area microcavity engineering for high sensitivity photonic crystal sensors
L Zhu, S Chakravarty, CC Hsieh, WC Lai, RT Chen
CLEO: Applications and Technology, JTu4A. 103, 2013
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