Mark Byrne
Mark Byrne
Associate Professor of Physics Spring Hill College
Потвърден имейл адрес: shc.edu
Glycerophospholipid identification and quantitation by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
PT Ivanova, SB Milne, MO Byrne, Y Xiang, HA Brown
Methods in enzymology 432, 21-57, 2007
Elucidating the ticking of an in vitro circadian clockwork
T Mori, DR Williams, MO Byrne, X Qin, M Egli, HS Mchaourab, PL Stewart, ...
PLoS biology 5 (4), e93, 2007
Coupling of a core post-translational pacemaker to a slave transcription/translation feedback loop in a circadian system
X Qin, M Byrne, Y Xu, T Mori, CH Johnson
PLoS biology 8 (6), e1000394, 2010
Intermolecular associations determine the dynamics of the circadian KaiABC oscillator
X Qin, M Byrne, T Mori, P Zou, DR Williams, H Mchaourab, CH Johnson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (33), 14805-14810, 2010
Lipid profiling reveals arachidonate deficiency in RAW264. 7 cells: Structural and functional implications
CA Rouzer, PT Ivanova, MO Byrne, SB Milne, LJ Marnett, HA Brown
Biochemistry 45 (49), 14795-14808, 2006
Lipid profiling reveals glycerophospholipid remodeling in zymosan-stimulated macrophages
CA Rouzer, PT Ivanova, MO Byrne, HA Brown, LJ Marnett
Biochemistry 46 (20), 6026-6042, 2007
Revealing circadian mechanisms of integration and resilience by visualizing clock proteins working in real time
T Mori, S Sugiyama, M Byrne, CH Johnson, T Uchihashi, T Ando
Nature Communications 9 (1), 3245, 2018
Cognitive dissonance induction in everyday life: An fMRI study
J de Vries, M Byrne, E Kehoe
Social Neuroscience 10 (3), 268-281, 2015
Bounds on charged, stable superpartners from cosmic ray production
M Byrne, C Kolda, P Regan
Physical Review D 66 (7), 075007, 2002
Updated implications of the muon anomalous magnetic moment for supersymmetry
M Byrne, C Kolda, JE Lennon
Physical Review D 67 (7), 075004, 2003
Universal extra dimensions and charged LKPs
M Byrne
Physics Letters B 583 (3-4), 309-314, 2004
Implications of the muon anomalous magnetic moment for supersymmetry
M Byrne, C Kolda, JE Lennon
Arxiv preprint hep-ph/0108122, 2001
Quintessence and Varying\alpha from Shape Moduli
M Byrne, C Kolda
arXiv preprint hep-ph/0402075, 2004
Mathematical modeling of the in vitro cyanobacterial circadian oscillator
M Byrne
Bacterial circadian programs, 283-300, 2009
Cognitive Dissonance and Depression: An Exploration Using Mixed Methods
M Byrne
Doctoral dissertation, University of Dublin]. https://doi. org/10.13140/RG …, 2020
Computational modeling of protein interactions and phosphoform kinetics in the KaiABC cyanobacterial circadian clock
M Byrne
arXiv preprint arXiv:1405.3586, 2014
Cognitive dissonance and depression: A qualitative exploration of a close relationship.
M Byrne, A Higgins, J de Vries
Current Research in Social Psychology, 2023
Insights from Mathematical Modeling/Simulations of the In Vitro KaiABC Clock
M Byrne
Circadian Rhythms in Bacteria and Microbiomes, 297-313, 2021
Simple post-translational circadian clock models from selective sequestration
M Byrne
bioRxiv, 2020.02. 21.958827, 2020
Dynamic Observation of Kai Proteins by HS-AFM Reveals a Mechanism of the Robustness in the Cyanobacterial Circadian Oscillator
S Sugiyama, T Mori, M Byrne, T Uchihashi, CH Johnson, T Ando
Biophysical Journal 114 (3), 68a, 2018
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