Christian Hirt
Christian Hirt
Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University
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Comparison and validation of the recent freely available ASTER-GDEM ver1, SRTM ver4. 1 and GEODATA DEM-9S ver3 digital elevation models over Australia
C Hirt, MS Filmer, WE Featherstone
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 57 (3), 337-347, 2010
New ultrahigh‐resolution picture of Earth's gravity field
C Hirt, S Claessens, T Fecher, M Kuhn, R Pail, M Rexer
Geophysical research letters 40 (16), 4279-4283, 2013
Comparison of free high resolution digital elevation data sets (ASTER GDEM2, SRTM v2. 1/v4. 1) and validation against accurate heights from the Australian National Gravity Database
M Rexer, C Hirt
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 61 (2), 213-226, 2014
Evaluation of the first GOCE static gravity field models using terrestrial gravity, vertical deflections and EGM2008 quasigeoid heights
C Hirt, T Gruber, WE Featherstone
Journal of geodesy 85 (10), 723-740, 2011
Modern determination of vertical deflections using digital zenith cameras
C Hirt, B Bürki, A Somieski, G Seeber
Journal of Surveying Engineering 136 (1), 1-12, 2010
Combining EGM2008 and SRTM/DTM2006. 0 residual terrain model data to improve quasigeoid computations in mountainous areas devoid of gravity data
C Hirt, WE Featherstone, U Marti
Journal of Geodesy 84 (9), 557-567, 2010
Growth of epithelial organoids in a defined hydrogel
N Broguiere, L Isenmann, C Hirt, T Ringel, S Placzek, E Cavalli, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (43), 1801621, 2018
Earth2014: 1 arc-min shape, topography, bedrock and ice-sheet models–Available as gridded data and degree-10,800 spherical harmonics
C Hirt, M Rexer
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 39 …, 2015
The AUSGeoid09 model of the Australian height datum
WE Featherstone, JF Kirby, C Hirt, MS Filmer, SJ Claessens, NJ Brown, ...
Journal of Geodesy 85 (3), 133-150, 2011
Accuracy analysis of vertical deflection data observed with the Hannover Digital Zenith Camera System TZK2-D
C Hirt, G Seeber
Journal of Geodesy 82 (6), 347-356, 2008
Prediction of vertical deflections from high-degree spherical harmonic synthesis and residual terrain model data
C Hirt
Journal of Geodesy 84 (3), 179-190, 2010
The digital zenith camera-a new high-precision and economic astrogeodetic observation system for real-time measurement of deflections of the vertical
C Hirt, B Burki
Proceed. 3rd Meeting International Gravity and GeoidCommission of the …, 2003
Topographic/isostatic evaluation of new‐generation GOCE gravity field models
C Hirt, M Kuhn, WE Featherstone, F Göttl
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 117 (B5), 2012
Astronomical-topographic levelling using high-precision astrogeodetic vertical deflections and digital terrain model data
C Hirt, J Flury
Journal of Geodesy 82 (4), 231-248, 2008
Digital terrain models
C Hirt
Kilometer-resolution gravity field of Mars: MGM2011
C Hirt, SJ Claessens, M Kuhn, WE Featherstone
Planetary and Space Science 67 (1), 147-154, 2012
Efficient and accurate high-degree spherical harmonic synthesis of gravity field functionals at the Earth’s surface using the gradient approach
C Hirt
Journal of Geodesy 86 (9), 729-744, 2012
Monitoring of the refraction coefficient in the lower atmosphere using a controlled setup of simultaneous reciprocal vertical angle measurements
C Hirt, S Guillaume, A Wisbar, B Bürki, H Sternberg
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 115 (D21), 2010
Assessment of EGM2008 in Europe using accurate astrogeodetic vertical deflections and omission error estimates from SRTM/DTM2006. 0 residual terrain model data
C Hirt, U Marti, B Bürki, WE Featherstone
Journal of geophysical research: solid earth 115 (B10), 2010
Study of the Earth׳ s short-scale gravity field using the ERTM2160 gravity model
C Hirt, M Kuhn, S Claessens, R Pail, K Seitz, T Gruber
Computers & geosciences 73, 71-80, 2014
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