Bastiaan Notebaert
Bastiaan Notebaert
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Qualitative and quantitative applications of LiDAR imagery in fluvial geomorphology
B Notebaert, G Verstraeten, G Govers, J Poesen
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 34 (2), 217-231, 2009
Human impact on fluvial regimes and sediment flux during the Holocene: Review and future research agenda
T Hoffmann, VR Thorndycraft, AG Brown, TJ Coulthard, B Damnati, ...
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Sensitivity of West and Central European river systems to environmental changes during the Holocene: A review
B Notebaert, G Verstraeten
Earth-Science Reviews 103 (3-4), 163-182, 2010
Legacy of human-induced C erosion and burial on soil–atmosphere C exchange
K Van Oost, G Verstraeten, S Doetterl, B Notebaert, F Wiaux, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (47), 19492-19497, 2012
Holocene environmental change and its impact on sediment dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean
B Dusar, G Verstraeten, B Notebaert, J Bakker
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Widespread global peatland establishment and persistence over the last 130,000 y
CC Treat, T Kleinen, N Broothaerts, AS Dalton, R Dommain, TA Douglas, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (11), 4822-4827, 2019
Establishing a Holocene sediment budget for the river Dijle
B Notebaert, G Verstraeten, T Rommens, B Vanmontfort, G Govers, ...
Catena 77 (2), 150-163, 2009
Modeling the sensitivity of sediment and water runoff dynamics to Holocene climate and land use changes at the catchment scale
B Notebaert, G Verstraeten, P Ward, H Renssen, A Van Rompaey
Geomorphology 126 (1-2), 18-31, 2011
Carbon burial in soil sediments from Holocene agricultural erosion, Central Europe
T Hoffmann, M Schlummer, B Notebaert, G Verstraeten, O Korup
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 27 (3), 828-835, 2013
Variability in fluvial geomorphic response to anthropogenic disturbance
G Verstraeten, N Broothaerts, M Van Loo, B Notebaert, K D'Haen, B Dusar, ...
Geomorphology 294, 20-39, 2017
The fate of buried organic carbon in colluvial soils: a long-term perspective
Z Wang, K Van Oost, A Lang, T Quine, W Clymans, R Merckx, B Notebaert, ...
Biogeosciences 11 (3), 873-883, 2014
Multi-scale factors controlling the pattern of floodplain width at a network scale: The case of the Rhône basin, France
B Notebaert, H Piégay
Geomorphology 200, 155-171, 2013
Changing hillslope and fluvial Holocene sediment dynamics in a Belgian loess catchment
B Notebaert, G Verstraeten, D Vandenberghe, E Marinova, J Poesen, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 26 (1), 44-58, 2011
Fluvial architecture of Belgian river systems in contrasting environments: implications for reconstructing the sedimentation history
B Notebaert, G Houbrechts, G Verstraeten, N Broothaerts, J Haeckx, ...
Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 90 (1), 31-50, 2011
Reconstruction and semi-quantification of human impact in the Dijle catchment, central Belgium: a palynological and statistical approach
N Broothaerts, G Verstraeten, C Kasse, S Bohncke, B Notebaert, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 102, 96-110, 2014
Accounting for uncertainty in remotely-sensed measurements of river planform change
M Donovan, P Belmont, B Notebaert, T Coombs, P Larson, M Souffront
Earth-science reviews 193, 220-236, 2019
From natural to human-dominated floodplain geoecology–a Holocene perspective for the Dijle catchment, Belgium
N Broothaerts, G Verstraeten, C Kasse, S Bohncke, B Notebaert, ...
Anthropocene 8, 46-58, 2014
Sensitivity of floodplain geoecology to human impact: a Holocene perspective for the headwaters of the Dijle catchment, central Belgium
N Broothaerts, G Verstraeten, B Notebaert, R Assendelft, C Kasse, ...
The Holocene 23 (10), 1403-1414, 2013
Human induced soil erosion and the implications on crop yield in a small mountainous Mediterranean catchment (SW-Turkey)
M Van Loo, B Dusar, G Verstraeten, H Renssen, B Notebaert, K D'Haen, ...
Catena 149, 491-504, 2017
Evidence of anthropogenic tipping points in fluvial dynamics in Europe
B Notebaert, N Broothaerts, G Verstraeten
Global and planetary change 164, 27-38, 2018
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