Brian Todd
Brian Todd
Professor of Vertebrate Conservation Biology, UC Davis
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Remarkable amphibian biomass and abundance in an isolated wetland: implications for wetland conservation
JW Gibbons, CT Winne, DE Scott, JD Willson, X Glaudas, KM Andrews, ...
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RD Semlitsch, BD Todd, SM Blomquist, AJK Calhoun, JW Gibbons, ...
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BD Todd, DE Scott, JHK Pechmann, JW Gibbons
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Assessing quality of clearcut habitats for amphibians: Effects on abundances versus vital rates in the southern toad (Bufo terrestris)
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Response of a reptile guild to forest harvesting
BD Todd, KM Andrews
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A connection between colony biomass and death in Caribbean reef-building corals
DJ Thornhill, RD Rotjan, BD Todd, GC Chilcoat, R Iglesias-Prieto, ...
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Long-term apparent survival of translocated gopher tortoises: a comparison of newly released and previously established animals
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AJ Nowakowski, JI Watling, ME Thompson, GA Brusch IV, A Catenazzi, ...
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Getting the drift: examining the effects of timing, trap type and taxon on herpetofaunal drift fence surveys
BD Todd, CT Winne, JD Willson, JW Gibbons
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Habitat alteration increases invasive fire ant abundance to the detriment of amphibians and reptiles
BD Todd, BB Rothermel, RN Reed, TM Luhring, K Schlatter, L Trenkamp, ...
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Enigmatic decline of a protected population of Eastern Kingsnakes, Lampropeltis getula, in South Carolina
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Interactive effects of maternal and dietary mercury exposure have latent and lethal consequences for amphibian larvae
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AJ Nowakowski, JI Watling, SM Whitfield, BD Todd, DJ Kurz, MA Donnelly
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Phylogenetic homogenization of amphibian assemblages in human-altered habitats across the globe
AJ Nowakowski, LO Frishkoff, ME Thompson, TM Smith, BD Todd
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (15), E3454-E3462, 2018
Ecological and methodological factors affecting detectability and population estimation in elusive species
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Parallels in amphibian and bat declines from pathogenic fungi
EA Eskew, BD Todd
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Amphibian sensitivity to habitat modification is associated with population trends and species traits
AJ Nowakowski, ME Thompson, MA Donnelly, BD Todd
Global Ecology and Biogeography 26 (6), 700-712, 2017
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