Marcello Picollo
Marcello Picollo
Researcher, IFAC-CNR
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Characterisation of colourants on illuminated manuscripts by portable fibre optic UV-visible-NIR reflectance spectrophotometry
M Aceto, A Agostino, G Fenoglio, A Idone, M Gulmini, M Picollo, ...
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K Fukunaga, M Picollo
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M Bacci, M Picollo
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P Ricciardi, JK Delaney, M Facini, JG Zeibel, M Picollo, S Lomax, M Loew
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Image spectroscopy mapping technique for noninvasive analysis of paintings
A Casini, F Lotti, M Picollo, L Stefani, E Buzzegoli
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Identification of the pre-columbian pigment mayablue on works of art by noninvasive UV-Vis and raman spectroscopic techniques
M Leona, F Casadio, M Bacci, M Picollo
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Obtaining noninvasive stratigraphic details of panel paintings using terahertz time domain spectroscopy imaging system
M Picollo, K Fukunaga, J Labaune
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A study of the blue colors used by Telemaco Signorini (1835–1901)
M Bacci, D Magrini, M Picollo, M Vervat
Journal of cultural heritage 10 (2), 275-280, 2009
UV-Vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy of red lakes in paintings
C Bisulca, M Picollo, M Bacci, D Kunzelman
9th international conference on NDT of Art, Jerusalem, Israel, 25-30, 2008
Library of UV–Vis–NIR reflectance spectra of modern organic dyes from historic pattern-card coloured papers
C Montagner, M Bacci, S Bracci, R Freeman, M Picollo
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 79 (5 …, 2011
Metodi di documentazione e indagini non invasive sui dipinti
A Aldrovandi, M Picollo
Non-invasive fibre optic Fourier transform-infrared reflectance spectroscopy on painted layers: Identification of materials by means of principal component analysis and …
M Bacci, M Fabbri, M Picollo, S Porcinai
Analytica chimica acta 446 (1-2), 15-21, 2001
Hyper-spectral imaging technique in the cultural heritage field: New possible scenarios
M Picollo, C Cucci, A Casini, L Stefani
Sensors 20 (10), 2843, 2020
Mid-infrared Fiber-Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy: a noninvasive technique for remote analysis of painted layers. Part I: technical setup
M Fabbri, M Picollo, S Porcinai, M Bacci
Applied Spectroscopy 55 (4), 420-427, 2001
Non-destructive spectroscopic investigations on paintings using optical fibers
M Bacci, S Baronti, A Casini, F Lotti, M Picollo, O Casazza
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Non-invasive differentiation between natural and synthetic ultramarine blue pigments by means of 250–900 nm FORS analysis
M Aceto, A Agostino, G Fenoglio, M Picollo
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An integrated spectroscopic approach for the identification of what distinguishes Afghan lapis lazuli from others
M Bacci, C Cucci, E Del Federico, A Ienco, A Jerschow, JM Newman, ...
Vibrational Spectroscopy 49 (1), 80-83, 2009
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