Susanne Schorpp
Susanne Schorpp
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Explaining changes to rights litigation: Testing a multivariate model in a comparative framework
RA Sanchez Urribarri, S Schorpp, KA Randazzo, DR Songer
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Leaders and followers: Examining state court–ordered education finance reform
RM Howard, CH Roch, S Schorpp
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Trading Liberties for Security: Groupthink, Gender, and 9/11 Effects on US Appellate Decision-Making
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Strategic anticipation of noncompliant governors: State supreme court behavior in response to the political environment
S Schorpp
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Congress and the President in Times of War
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The Support Structure and Sustained Attention to Rights: A Rejoinder
RA Sanchez Urribarri, S Schorpp, KA Randazzo, DR Songer
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Congressional deference to executive interests during times of war
S Schorpp, C Finocchiaro
annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, Atlanta, 2010
3. Comparing the influence of war on high courts of the USA, UK, and Canada
S Schorpp
Research Handbook on Law and Courts, 46, 2019
“Tilted Scales:” The Impact of the US Supreme Court on American Income Inequality
S Schorpp, D Hoffmann, B Kassow
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Treatment of Government Interest on the Supreme Court of Canada after 9/11
S Schorpp
Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien 32, 9-25, 2012
What Rights in the “Rights Revolution”?: Analyzing Criminal and other Civil Rights Cases Separately
S Schorpp, DR Songer, RAS Urribarri
Annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans, 2008
The Conditional Nature of Congressional Support for the President during Wartime
M Clark, J Lazarus, S Schorpp
Congress and US Foreign Policy: Activism, Assertiveness, and Acquiescence in …, 2021
Power, Constraint, and Policy Change: Courts and Education Finance Reform
RM Howard, CH Roch, S Schorpp, SA Gleason
State University of New York Press, 2021
Wars can strengthen US Presidents' policy gains in Congress, but as casualties rise, they can become a liability
S Schorpp, C Finocchiaro
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Conservative Framing of Right Claims in US Supreme Court Cases, 1950-2010
S Schorpp, MP Fix
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The Rule of Law in Times of War: A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of War on High Court Decision-Making
S Schorpp
University of South Carolina, 2011
The Rule of Law in Times of War: The Effect of War on Canadian and US Supreme Court Decision Making
S Schorpp
APSA 2010 Annual Meeting Paper, 2010
The Effect of War on the US Federal Courts of Appeals: an Analysis of US Appeals Court Treatment of War Related Cases
S Schorpp, DR Songer, T Massie, R Boxt, ML McDonald
APSA 2009 Toronto Meeting Paper, 2009
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