Simone Engmann Hildorf
Simone Engmann Hildorf
Department of Paediatric Surgery, Surgical Clinic C, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet
Потвърден имейл адрес: regionh.dk
Review of injection techniques for spermatogonial stem cell transplantation
M Gul, S Hildorf, L Dong, J Thorup, ER Hoffmann, CFS Jensen, J Sønksen, ...
Human Reproduction Update 26 (3), 368-391, 2020
Fertility potential is compromised in 20% to 25% of boys with nonsyndromic cryptorchidism despite orchiopexy within the first year of life
S Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, D Cortes, M Fossum, J Thorup
The Journal of urology 203 (4), 832-840, 2020
Propagation of spermatogonial stem cell-like cells from infant boys
L Dong, SG Kristensen, S Hildorf, M Gul, E Clasen-Linde, J Fedder, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 10, 1155, 2019
Selecting infants with cryptorchidism and high risk of infertility for optional adjuvant hormonal therapy and cryopreservation of germ cells: experience from a pilot study
J Thorup, E Clasen-Linde, L Dong, S Hildorf, SG Kristensen, ...
Frontiers in Endocrinology 9, 299, 2018
Sertoli cell number correlates with serum inhibin B in infant cryptorchid boys
S Hildorf, L Dong, J Thorup, E Clasen-Linde, C Yding Andersen, D Cortes
Sexual Development 13 (2), 74-82, 2019
Xeno-free propagation of spermatogonial stem cells from infant boys
L Dong, M Gul, S Hildorf, SE Pors, SG Kristensen, ER Hoffmann, D Cortes, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (21), 5390, 2019
Sexual functions and fertility outcomes after hypospadias repair
M Gul, S Hildorf, MS Silay
International Journal of Impotence Research 33 (2), 149-163, 2021
Fertility preservation in boys facing gonadotoxic cancer therapy
CFS Jensen, L Dong, M Gul, M Fode, S Hildorf, J Thorup, E Hoffmann, ...
Nature Reviews Urology 19 (2), 71-83, 2022
Fertility potential is impaired in boys with bilateral ascending testes
S Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, M Fossum, D Cortes, J Thorup
The Journal of urology 205 (2), 586-594, 2021
Postnatal germ cell development in cryptorchid boys
LH Dong, S Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, K Kvist, D Cortes, J Thorup, ...
Asian journal of andrology 22 (3), 258-264, 2020
Characterization and survival of human infant testicular cells after direct xenotransplantation
D Wang, S Hildorf, E Ntemou, L Dong, SE Pors, LS Mamsen, J Fedder, ...
Frontiers in Endocrinology 13, 853482, 2022
The impact of early and successful orchidopexy on hormonal follow-up for 208 boys with bilateral non-syndromic cryptorchidism
S Hildorf, D Cortes, E Clasen-Linde, M Fossum, J Thorup
Pediatric Surgery International 37, 339-345, 2021
Organotypic culture of testicular tissue from infant boys with cryptorchidism
D Wang, S Hildorf, E Ntemou, LS Mamsen, L Dong, SE Pors, J Fedder, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (14), 7975, 2022
During infancy low levels of follicle-stimulating hormone may result in high rate of germ cell apoptosis
S Hildorf, D Cortes, J Thorup, E Clasen-Linde, J Hutson, R Li
Journal of Pediatric Surgery 56 (12), 2399-2406, 2021
Germ cells positive for PLAP and c-Kit in 11–16 year old normal boys with ongoing spermatogenesis
K Kvist, S Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, D Cortes, J Thorup
Pediatric Surgery International 36, 1249-1254, 2020
Parental acceptance rate of testicular tissue cryopreservation in Danish boys with cryptorchidism
S Hildorf, D Cortes, M Gül, L Dong, SG Kristensen, CFS Jensen, ...
Sexual Development 13 (5-6), 246-257, 2020
The positive predictive value of using fsh and Inhibin-B serum levels to diagnose gonadotropin insufficiency in bilateral cryptorchid boys is high
SE Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, D Cortes, M Fossum, J Thorup
Journal of Pediatric Urology 18 (6), 844. e1-844. e7, 2022
Serial inhibin B measurements in boys with congenital monorchism indicate compensatory testicular hypertrophy in early infancy
S Hildorf, E Clasen-Linde, D Cortes, M Fossum, J Thorup
European Journal of Pediatric Surgery 32 (01), 034-041, 2022
Clinical aspects of histological and hormonal parameters in boys with cryptorchidism: Thesis for PhD degree
SE Hildorf
Apmis 130 (Suppl 143), 1, 2022
Sertoli and germ cells within atrophic seminiferous tubules of men with non-obstructive azoospermia
CFS Jensen, D Wang, LS Mamsen, A Giwercman, N Jørgensen, M Fode, ...
Frontiers in Endocrinology 13, 825904, 2022
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