Robert Spicer
Robert Spicer
Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences, The Open University, UK
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Uncertainty in predictions of the climate response to rising levels of greenhouse gases
DA Stainforth, T Aina, C Christensen, M Collins, N Faull, DJ Frame, ...
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Constant elevation of southern Tibet over the past 15 million years
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The cretaceous world
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The formation and interpretation of plant fossil assemblages
RA Spicer
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RA Spicer, JT Parrish
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The coexistence approach—theoretical background and practical considerations of using plant fossils for climate quantification
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The sorting and deposition of allochthonous plant material in a modern environment at Silwood Lake, Silwood Park, Berkshire, England
RA Spicer
United States. Government Printing Office., 1981
A review of terrestrial and marine climates in the Cretaceous with implications for modelling the ‘Greenhouse Earth’
RA Spicer, RM Corfield
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Ancient orogenic and monsoon-driven assembly of the world’s richest temperate alpine flora
WN Ding, RH Ree, RA Spicer, YW Xing
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No high Tibetan plateau until the Neogene
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The Late Cretaceous environment of the Arctic: a quantitative reassessment based on plant fossils
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Evolution and Palaeobiology of land plants
B Thomas, RA Spicer
Croom Helm, 1987
Plant taphonomic processes
RA Spicer
Taphonomy: releasing the data locked in the fossil record 9, 71-113, 1991
Dinosaurs on the North Slope, Alaska: high latitude, latest Cretaceous environments
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New developments in CLAMP: calibration using global gridded meteorological data
RA Spicer, PJ Valdes, TEV Spicer, HJ Craggs, G Srivastava, RC Mehrotra, ...
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Late Cretaceous vertebrate fossils from the North Slope of Alaska and implications for dinosaur ecology
JM Parrish, JT Parrish, JH Hutchison, RA Spicer
Palaios, 377-389, 1987
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