Ming Ma
Ming Ma
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Water splitting progress in tandem devices: moving photolysis beyond electrolysis
K Zhang, M Ma, P Li, DH Wang, JH Park
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (15), 1600602, 2016
An order/disorder/water junction system for highly efficient co-catalyst-free photocatalytic hydrogen generation
K Zhang, L Wang, JK Kim, M Ma, G Veerappan, CL Lee, K Kong, H Lee, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (2), 499-503, 2016
Dual Oxygen and Tungsten Vacancies on a WO3 Photoanode for Enhanced Water Oxidation
M Ma, K Zhang, P Li, MS Jung, MJ Jeong, JH Park
Angewandte Chemie 128 (39), 11998-12002, 2016
New insight into the effect of fluorine doping and oxygen vacancies on electrochemical performance of Co2MnO4 for flexible quasi-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
S Liu, Y Yin, D Ni, K San Hui, M Ma, S Park, KN Hui, CY Ouyang, SC Jun
Energy Storage Materials 22, 384-396, 2019
Unassisted photoelectrochemical water splitting exceeding 7% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency using photon recycling
X Shi, H Jeong, SJ Oh, M Ma, K Zhang, J Kwon, IT Choi, IY Choi, HK Kim, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Unassisted photoelectrochemical water splitting beyond 5.7% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency by a wireless monolithic photoanode/dye-sensitised solar cell tandem device
X Shi, K Zhang, K Shin, M Ma, J Kwon, IT Choi, JK Kim, HK Kim, DH Wang, ...
Nano Energy 13, 182-191, 2015
From one to two: In-situ construction of an ultrathin 2D-2D closely-bonded heterojunction from a single-phase monolayer nanosheet
Z Xing#, J Hu#, M Ma#, H Lin, Y An, Z Liu, Y Zhang, J Li*, S Yang*
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019
Honeycomb-Like Interconnected Network of Nickel Phosphide Heteronanoparticles with Superior Electrochemical Performance for Supercapacitors
S Liu, KV Sankar, A Kundu, M Ma, JY Kwon, SC Jun
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (26), 21829-21838, 2017
Tunable Bandgap Energy and Promotion of H2O2 Oxidation for Overall Water Splitting from Carbon Nitride Nanowire Bundles
K Zhang, L Wang, X Sheng, M Ma, MS Jung, W Kim, H Lee, JH Park
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (11), 1502352, 2016
Solution-processed yolk–shell-shaped WO 3/BiVO 4 heterojunction photoelectrodes for efficient solar water splitting
B Jin, E Jung, M Ma, S Kim, K Zhang, JI Kim, Y Son, JH Park
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (6), 2585-2592, 2018
Double-deck inverse opal photoanodes: efficient light absorption and charge separation in heterojunction
M Ma, JK Kim, K Zhang, X Shi, SJ Kim, JH Moon, JH Park
Chemistry of Materials 26 (19), 5592-5597, 2014
Tuning the charge transfer route by p–n junction catalysts embedded with CdS nanorods for simultaneous efficient hydrogen and oxygen evolution
K Zhang, W Kim, M Ma, X Shi, JH Park
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (9), 4803-4810, 2015
Catalytic Oxidation of Methane to Oxygenated Products: Recent Advancements and Prospects for Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Conversion at Low Temperatures
MSA Sher Shah, C Oh, H Park, YJ Hwang, M Ma*, JH Park*
Advanced Science, 2001946, 2020
Unconventional Pore and Defect Generation in Molybdenum Disulfide: Application in High‐Rate Lithium‐Ion Batteries and the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
K Zhang, HJ Kim, JT Lee, GW Chang, X Shi, W Kim, M Ma, K Kong, ...
ChemSusChem 7 (9), 2489-2495, 2014
Mediator and Co-Catalysts-Free Direct Z-Scheme Composites of Bi 2 WO 6-Cu 3 P for Solar-Water Splitting
R Ali, M Ma, S Kim, MSAAS Shah, CH Chung, JH Park, PJ Yoo
Nanoscale, 2018
General characterization methods for photoelectrochemical cells for solar water splitting
X Shi, L Cai, M Ma, X Zheng, JH Park
ChemSusChem 8 (19), 3192-3203, 2015
Ultrahigh Electrocatalytic Conversion of Methane at Room Temperature
M Ma, BJ Jin, P Li, MS Jung, JI Kim, Y Cho, S Kim, JH Moon, JH Park
Advanced Science 4 (12), 1700379, 2017
Delocalized Electron Accumulation at Nanorod Tips: Origin of Efficient H2 Generation
K Zhang, JK Kim, M Ma, SY Yim, CL Lee, H Shin, JH Park
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (25), 4527-4534, 2016
Overcoming Charge Collection Limitation at Solid/Liquid Interface by a Controllable Crystal Deficient Overlayer
K Zhang, S Ravishankar, M Ma, G Veerappan, J Bisquert, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (3), 2017
Electrochemical CH4 oxidation into acids and ketones on ZrO2: NiCo2O4 quasi-solid solution nanowire catalyst
M Ma*, C Oh, J Kim, JH Moon, JH Park*
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 118095, 2019
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