Maga Rowicka
Maga Rowicka
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Logic of the yeast metabolic cycle: temporal compartmentalization of cellular processes
BP Tu, A Kudlicki, M Rowicka, SL McKnight
Science 310 (5751), 1152-1158, 2005
Nucleotide-resolution DNA double-strand break mapping by next-generation sequencing
N Crosetto, A Mitra, MJ Silva, M Bienko, N Dojer, Q Wang, E Karaca, ...
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Comprehensive mapping of histone modifications at DNA double-strand breaks deciphers repair pathway chromatin signatures
T Clouaire, V Rocher, A Lashgari, C Arnould, M Aguirrebengoa, ...
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Genome-wide mapping of long-range contacts unveils clustering of DNA double-strand breaks at damaged active genes
F Aymard, M Aguirrebengoa, E Guillou, BM Javierre, B Bugler, C Arnould, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 24 (4), 353-361, 2017
Valosin-containing protein (p97) is a regulator of endoplasmic reticulum stress and of the degradation of N-end rule and ubiquitin-fusion degradation pathway substrates in …
C Wójcik, M Rowicka, A Kudlicki, D Nowis, E McConnell, M Kujawa, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 17 (11), 4606-4618, 2006
Topoisomerase 1 prevents replication stress at R-loop-enriched transcription termination sites
A Promonet, I Padioleau, Y Liu, L Sanz, A Biernacka, AL Schmitz, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3940, 2020
Strategies for achieving high sequencing accuracy for low diversity samples and avoiding sample bleeding using illumina platform
A Mitra, M Skrzypczak, K Ginalski, M Rowicka
PloS one 10 (4), e0120520, 2015
High-resolution timing of cell cycle-regulated gene expression
M Rowicka, A Kudlicki, BP Tu, Z Otwinowski
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (43), 16892-16897, 2007
Comprehensive structural and substrate specificity classification of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae methyltransferome
T Wlodarski, J Kutner, J Towpik, L Knizewski, L Rychlewski, A Kudlicki, ...
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Comparison of pattern detection methods in microarray time series of the segmentation clock
ML Dequeant, S Ahnert, H Edelsbrunner, TMA Fink, EF Glynn, G Hattem, ...
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qDSB-Seq is a general method for genome-wide quantification of DNA double-strand breaks using sequencing
Y Zhu, A Biernacka, B Pardo, N Dojer, R Forey, M Skrzypczak, B Fongang, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2313, 2019
A probabilistic approach to learn chromatin architecture and accurate inference of the NF-κB/RelA regulatory network using ChIP-Seq
J Yang, A Mitra, N Dojer, S Fu, M Rowicka, AR Brasier
Nucleic acids research 41 (15), 7240-7259, 2013
SCEPTRANS: an online tool for analyzing periodic transcription in yeast
A Kudlicki, M Rowicka, Z Otwinowski
Bioinformatics 23 (12), 1559-1561, 2007
i-BLESS is an ultra-sensitive method for detection of DNA double-strand breaks
A Biernacka, Y Zhu, M Skrzypczak, R Forey, B Pardo, M Grzelak, J Nde, ...
Communications biology 1 (1), 181, 2018
Modulation of gene expression regulated by the transcription factor NF-κB/RelA
X Li, Y Zhao, B Tian, M Jamaluddin, A Mitra, J Yang, M Rowicka, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (17), 11927-11944, 2014
Probabilistic approach to predicting substrate specificity of methyltransferases
T Szczepińska, J Kutner, M Kopczyński, K Pawłowski, A Dziembowski, ...
PLoS computational biology 10 (3), e1003514, 2014
Ssb1 and Ssb2 cooperate to regulate mouse hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells by resolving replicative stress
W Shi, T Vu, D Boucher, A Biernacka, J Nde, RK Pandita, J Straube, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 129 (18), 2479-2492, 2017
Predicting proteome dynamics using gene expression data
K Kuchta, J Towpik, A Biernacka, J Kutner, A Kudlicki, K Ginalski, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 13866, 2018
A role for the Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 complex in gene expression and chromosome organization
R Forey, A Barthe, M Tittel-Elmer, M Wery, MB Barrault, C Ducrot, ...
Molecular cell 81 (1), 183-197. e6, 2021
The crystallographic fast Fourier transform. Recursive symmetry reduction
A Kudlicki, M Rowicka, Z Otwinowski
Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 63 (6), 465-480, 2007
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