Dietmar Fröhlich
Dietmar Fröhlich
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Observation of coupled magnetic and electric domains
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Fröhlich, AV Goltsev, RV Pisarev
Nature 419 (6909), 818-820, 2002
Giant Rydberg excitons in the copper oxide Cu2O
T Kazimierczuk, D Fröhlich, S Scheel, H Stolz, M Bayer
Nature 514 (7522), 343-347, 2014
Determination of the magnetic symmetry of hexagonal manganites by second harmonic generation
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, K Kohn, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
Physical review letters 84 (24), 5620, 2000
Second Harmonic Generation and Magnetic-Dipole-Electric-Dipole Interference in Antiferromagnetic
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, BB Krichevtsov, RV Pisarev
Physical Review Letters 73 (15), 2127, 1994
Coherent propagation and quantum beats of quadrupole polaritons in O
D Fröhlich, A Kulik, B Uebbing, A Mysyrowicz, V Langer, H Stolz, ...
Physical review letters 67 (17), 2343, 1991
Observation of the resonant optical Stark effect in a semiconductor
D Fröhlich, A Nöthe, K Reimann
Physical review letters 55 (12), 1335, 1985
Band-Gap Assignment in Sn O 2 by Two-Photon Spectroscopy
D Fröhlich, R Kenklies, R Helbig
Physical Review Letters 41 (25), 1750, 1978
Structural and electrical properties of BiFeO3-Pb (ZrTi) O3 composites
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Frohlich, AV Golsev, RV Pisarev
Nature 419, 819, 2002
Observation of exciton polariton dispersion in cucl
D Fröhlich, E Mohler, P Wiesner
Physical Review Letters 26 (10), 554, 1971
Investigation of exciton fine structure in Cu 2 O
C Uihlein, D Fröhlich, R Kenklies
Physical Review B 23 (6), 2731, 1981
Second harmonic generation in the centrosymmetric antiferromagnet NiO
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, HJ Weber
Physical review letters 87 (13), 137202, 2001
New assignment of the band gap in the alkali bromides by two-photon spectroscopy
D Fröhlich, B Staginnus
Physical Review Letters 19 (9), 496, 1967
Domain topography of antiferromagnetic Cr2O3 by second‐harmonic generation
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, G Sluyterman v. L, RV Pisarev
Applied Physics Letters 66 (21), 2906-2908, 1995
Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of the Two-Order-Parameter Compound
D Fröhlich, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
Physical Review Letters 81 (15), 3239, 1998
Optical quantum-confined Stark effect in GaAs quantum wells
D Fröhlich, R Wille, W Schlapp, G Weimann
Physical review letters 59 (15), 1748, 1987
Observation of high angular momentum excitons in cuprous oxide
J Thewes, J Heckötter, T Kazimierczuk, M Aßmann, D Fröhlich, M Bayer, ...
Physical Review Letters 115 (2), 027402, 2015
Quantum chaos and breaking of all anti-unitary symmetries in Rydberg excitons
M Aßmann, J Thewes, D Fröhlich, M Bayer
Nature materials 15 (7), 741-745, 2016
Two-photon and three-photon spectroscopy of ZnO under uniaxial stress
J Wrzesinski, D Fröhlich
Physical Review B 56 (20), 13087, 1997
Deviations of the exciton level spectrum in from the hydrogen series
F Schöne, SO Krüger, P Grünwald, H Stolz, S Scheel, M Aßmann, ...
Physical Review B 93 (7), 075203, 2016
Optical second-harmonic generation in magnetic garnet thin films
RV Pisarev, BB Krichevtsov, VN Gridnev, VP Klin, D Frohlich, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 5 (45), 8621, 1993
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