Michael Crespin
Michael Crespin
Director Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, Professor of Political Science
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How to analyze political attention with minimal assumptions and costs
KM Quinn, BL Monroe, M Colaresi, MH Crespin, DR Radev
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Redistricting and Party Polarization in the US House of Representatives
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The media, the campaign, and the message
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JL Carson, MH Crespin
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If You Can’t Join’Em, Beat’Em: The Gender Gap in Individual Donations to Congressional Candidates
MH Crespin, JL Deitz
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Dimensions, issues, and bills: Appropriations voting on the House floor
MH Crespin, DW Rohde
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An automated method of topic-coding legislative speech over time with application to the 105th-108th US Senate
KM Quinn, BL Monroe, M Colaresi, MH Crespin, DR Radev
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Parties as procedural coalitions in Congress: An examination of differing career tracks
JA Jenkins, MH Crespin, JL Carson
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Measuring variations in party unity voting: An assessment of agenda effects
MH Crespin, DW Rohde, RJ Vander Wielen
Party Politics, 2011
Shirking in the contemporary Congress: A reappraisal
JL Carson, MH Crespin, JA Jenkins, RJ Vander Wielen
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The calculus of concession: Media coverage and the dynamics of winnowing in presidential nominations
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Using Geographic Information Systems to Measure District Change, 2000–2002
MH Crespin
Political Analysis 13 (3), 253, 2005
Serving two masters: redistricting and voting in the US House of Representatives
MH Crespin
Political Research Quarterly 63 (4), 850-859, 2010
Institutional control of redistricting and the geography of representation
B Edwards, M Crespin, RD Williamson, M Palmer
The Journal of Politics 79 (2), 722-726, 2017
Earmarks and subcommittee government in the US Congress
A Clemens, M Crespin, CJ Finocchiaro
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Elections and the Politics of Pork in the US Senate
MH Crespin, CJ Finocchiaro
Social Science Quarterly 94 (2), 506-529, 2013
Constituency congruency and candidate competition in primary elections for the US House
J Carson, MH Crespin, CP Eaves, EO Wanless
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Constituency Congruency and Candidate Competition in US House Elections
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Distributive and partisan politics in the US Senate: An exploration of earmarks
MH Crespin, CJ Finocchiaro
Why not parties? Party effects in the United States Senate, 229-251, 2008
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