Dennis Han Chung Lin
Dennis Han Chung Lin
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Leakage current and breakdown electric-field studies on ultrathin atomic-layer-deposited on GaAs
HC Lin, PD Ye, GD Wilk
Applied physics letters 87 (18), 182904, 2005
Submicrometer Inversion-Type Enhancement-Mode InGaAs MOSFET With Atomic-Layer-Depositedas Gate Dielectric
Y Xuan, YQ Wu, HC Lin, T Shen, DY Peide
IEEE Electron Device Letters 28 (11), 935-938, 2007
Capacitance-voltage studies on enhancement-mode InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor using atomic-layer-deposited AI2O3 gate dielectric
Y Xuan, HC Lin, PD Ye, GD Wilk
Germanium surface passivation and atomic layer deposition of high-k dielectrics—a tutorial review on Ge-based MOS capacitors
Q Xie, S Deng, M Schaekers, D Lin, M Caymax, A Delabie, XP Qu, ...
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Capacitance-voltage characterization of interfaces
G Brammertz, HC Lin, K Martens, D Mercier, S Sioncke, A Delabie, ...
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Simplified Surface Preparation for GaAs Passivation Using Atomic Layer-Deposited High- Dielectrics
Y Xuan, HC Lin, DY Peide
IEEE Transactions on electron devices 54 (8), 1811-1817, 2007
Electrical study of sulfur passivated In0. 53Ga0. 47As MOS capacitor and transistor with ALD Al2O3 as gate insulator
HC Lin, WE Wang, G Brammertz, M Meuris, M Heyns
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (7-9), 1554-1557, 2009
On the interface state density at /oxide interfaces
G Brammertz, HC Lin, M Caymax, M Meuris, M Heyns, M Passlack
Applied Physics Letters 95 (20), 202109, 2009
A Combined Interface and Border Trap Model for High-Mobility Substrate Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Devices Applied toand InP Capacitors
G Brammertz, A Alian, DHC Lin, M Meuris, M Caymax, WE Wang
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58 (11), 3890-3897, 2011
Doping-free complementary logic gates enabled by two-dimensional polarity-controllable transistors
GV Resta, Y Balaji, D Lin, IP Radu, F Catthoor, PE Gaillardon, ...
ACS nano 12 (7), 7039-7047, 2018
Capacitance–voltage characterization of GaAs–oxide interfaces
G Brammertz, HC Lin, K Martens, D Mercier, C Merckling, J Penaud, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 155 (12), H945, 2008
Polarity control in WSe2 double-gate transistors
GV Resta, S Sutar, Y Balaji, D Lin, P Raghavan, I Radu, F Catthoor, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 29448, 2016
Border traps in Ge/III–V channel devices: Analysis and reliability aspects
E Simoen, DHC Lin, A Alian, G Brammertz, C Merckling, J Mitard, ...
IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability 13 (4), 444-455, 2013
Advancing CMOS beyond the Si roadmap with Ge and III/V devices
M Heyns, A Alian, G Brammertz, M Caymax, YC Chang, LK Chu, ...
2011 International Electron Devices Meeting, 13.1. 1-13.1. 4, 2011
The Fermi-level efficiency method and its applications on high interface trap density oxide-semiconductor interfaces
HC Lin, G Brammertz, K Martens, G De Valicourt, L Negre, WE Wang, ...
Applied physics letters 94 (15), 153508, 2009
Electrical properties of III-V/oxide interfaces
G Brammertz, HC Lin, K Martens, AR Alian, C Merckling, J Penaud, ...
ECS transactions 19 (5), 375, 2009
2D materials: roadmap to CMOS integration
C Huyghebaert, T Schram, Q Smets, TK Agarwal, D Verreck, S Brems, ...
2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 22.1. 1-22.1. 4, 2018
Enabling the high-performance InGaAs/Ge CMOS: A common gate stack solution
D Lin, G Brammertz, S Sioncke, C Fleischmann, A Delabie, K Martens, ...
2009 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 1-4, 2009
Enhancement-mode GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors with atomic layer deposited as gate dielectric
HC Lin, T Yang, H Sharifi, SK Kim, Y Xuan, T Shen, S Mohammadi, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 91 (21), 212101, 2007
Suitability of high-k gate oxides for III–V devices: A PBTI study in In0.53Ga0.47As devices with Al2O3
J Franco, A Alian, B Kaczer, D Lin, T Ivanov, A Pourghaderi, K Martens, ...
2014 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, 6A. 2.1-6A. 2.6, 2014
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