Caroline Petus
Caroline Petus
Senior Research Officer, Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER)
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Estimating turbidity and total suspended matter in the Adour River plume (South Bay of Biscay) using MODIS 250-m imagery
C Petus, G Chust, F Gohin, D Doxaran, JM Froidefond, Y Sagarminaga
Continental Shelf Research 30 (5), 379-392, 2010
Mapping the pollutants in surface riverine flood plume waters in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
MJ Devlin, LW McKinna, JG Álvarez-Romero, C Petus, B Abott, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 65 (4-9), 224-235, 2012
A novel approach to model exposure of coastal-marine ecosystems to riverine flood plumes based on remote sensing techniques
JG Álvarez-Romero, M Devlin, ET da Silva, C Petus, NC Ban, RL Pressey, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 119, 194-207, 2013
Water quality and river plume monitoring in the Great Barrier Reef: an overview of methods based on ocean colour satellite data
MJ Devlin, C Petus, E Da Silva, D Tracey, NH Wolff, J Waterhouse, ...
Remote Sensing 7 (10), 12909-12941, 2015
Effects of reduced water quality on coral reefs in and out of no‐take marine reserves
AS Wenger, DH Williamson, ET da Silva, DM Ceccarelli, NK Browne, ...
Conservation Biology 30 (1), 142-153, 2016
Monitoring spatio-temporal variability of the Adour River turbid plume (Bay of Biscay, France) with MODIS 250-m imagery
C Petus, V Marieu, S Novoa, G Chust, N Bruneau, JM Froidefond
Continental Shelf Research 74, 35-49, 2014
Monitoring temporal dynamics of Great Artesian Basin wetland vegetation, Australia, using MODIS NDVI
C Petus, M Lewis, D White
Ecological indicators 34, 41-52, 2013
Using MODIS data for understanding changes in seagrass meadow health: A case study in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
C Petus, C Collier, M Devlin, M Rasheed, S McKenna
Marine environmental research 98, 68–85, 2014
2017 scientific consesus statement. The risk from anthropogenic pollutants to Great Barrier Reef coastal and marine ecosystems
J Waterhouse, J Brodie, D Tracey, R Smith, M Vandergragt, C Collier, ...
Estimating the exposure of coral reefs and seagrass meadows to land-sourced contaminants in river flood plumes of the Great Barrier Reef: Validating a simple satellite risk …
C Petus, M Devlin, A Thompson, L McKenzie, E Teixeira da Silva, ...
Remote Sensing 8 (3), 210, 2016
Using MODIS data for mapping of water types within river plumes in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Towards the production of river plume risk maps for reef and seagrass …
C Petus, ET da Silva, M Devlin, AS Wenger, JG Álvarez-Romero
Journal of environmental management 137, 163-177, 2014
Long‐term dynamics and drivers of coral and macroalgal cover on inshore reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
DM Ceccarelli, RD Evans, M Logan, P Mantel, M Puotinen, C Petus, ...
Ecological Applications 30 (1), e02008, 2020
Combining in-situ water quality and remotely sensed data across spatial and temporal scales to measure variability in wet season chlorophyll-a: Great Barrier Reef lagoon …
MJ Devlin, ET Da Silva, C Petus, A Wenger, D Zeh, D Tracey, ...
Ecological Processes 2 (1), 1-22, 2013
Observed vs. predicted variability in non-algal suspended particulate matter concentration in the English Channel in relation to tides and waves
A Rivier, F Gohin, P Bryère, C Petus, N Guillou, G Chapalain
Geo-Marine Letters 32 (2), 139-151, 2012
A flood of information: Using Sentinel-3 water colour products to assure continuity in the monitoring of water quality trends in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
C Petus, J Waterhouse, S Lewis, M Vacher, D Tracey, M Devlin
Journal of environmental management 248, 109255, 2019
Water quality monitoring in Basque coastal areas using local chlorophyll-a algorithm and MERIS images
S Novoa, G Chust, C Petus, J Franco, Á Borja, JM Froidefond, E Orive, ...
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 6 (1), 063519, 2012
Assessment of the relative risk of water quality to ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef.
JJE Brodie, JJ Waterhouse, JJA Maynard, J Bennett, MMJ Furnas, ...
Baseline assessment of coastal water quality, in Vanuatu, South Pacific: Insights gained from in-situ sampling
M Devlin, A Smith, CA Graves, C Petus, D Tracey, M Maniel, E Hooper, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 160, 111651, 2020
Marine Monitoring Program: Annual report for inshore pesticide monitoring 2017-18
C Gallen, P Thai, C Paxman, P Prasad, G Elisei, T Reeks, G Eaglesham, ...
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, 2019
Defining wet season water quality target concentrations for ecosystem conservation using empirical light attenuation models: A case study in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
C Petus, M Devlin, ET da Silva, S Lewis, J Waterhouse, A Wenger, ...
Journal of environmental management 213, 451-466, 2018
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