Adriana Najar-Rodriguez
Adriana Najar-Rodriguez
Senior Scientist, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research
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Tailored flower strips promote natural enemy biodiversity and pest control in potato crops
M Tschumi, M Albrecht, J Collatz, V Dubsky, MH Entling, ...
Journal of applied ecology 53 (4), 1169-1176, 2016
Bioconversion of three organic wastes by black soldier fly (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae
Z Liu, M Minor, PCH Morel, AJ Najar-Rodriguez
Environmental Entomology 47 (6), 1609-1617, 2018
Behavioral and neurophysiological responses of an insect to changing ratios of constituents in host plant-derived volatile mixtures
AJ Najar-Rodriguez, CG Galizia, J Stierle, S Dorn
Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (19), 3388-3397, 2010
Season-Long Volatile Emissions from Peach and Pear Trees In Situ, Overlapping Profiles, and Olfactory Attraction of an Oligophagous Fruit Moth in the Laboratory
A Najar-Rodriguez, B Orschel, S Dorn
Journal of chemical ecology 39, 418-429, 2013
The toxicological effects of petroleum spray oils on insects–Evidence for an alternative mode of action and possible new control options
AJ Najar-Rodriguez, NA Lavidis, RK Mensah, PT Choy, GH Walter
Food and chemical Toxicology 46 (9), 3003-3014, 2008
The efficacy of a petroleum spray oil against Aphis gossypii Glover on cotton. Part 1: Mortality rates and sources of variation
AJ Najar‐Rodríguez, GH Walter, RK Mensah
Pest Management Science: Formerly Pesticide Science 63 (6), 586-595, 2007
The microbial flora of Aphis gossypii: patterns across host plants and geographical space
AJ Najar-Rodríguez, EA McGraw, RK Mensah, GW Pittman, GH Walter
Journal of invertebrate pathology 100 (2), 123-126, 2009
Elevated carbon dioxide impairs the performance of a specialized parasitoid of an aphid host feeding on Brassica plants
J Klaiber, AJ Najar-Rodriguez, E Dialer, S Dorn
Biological Control 66 (1), 49-55, 2013
Acclimation to Elevated CO2 Increases Constitutive Glucosinolate Levels of Brassica Plants and Affects the Performance of Specialized Herbivores from …
J Klaiber, S Dorn, AJ Najar-Rodriguez
Journal of chemical ecology 39, 653-665, 2013
Larval performance of the oriental fruit moth across fruits from primary and secondary hosts
Physiological entomology 38 (1), 63-70, 2013
Thrips see red–flower colour and the host relationships of a polyphagous anthophilic thrips
A Yaku, GH Walter, AJ Najar‐Rodriguez
Ecological Entomology 32 (5), 527-535, 2007
Mating success of the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae), under four artificial light sources
Z Liu, AJ Najar-Rodriguez, MA Minor, DI Hedderley, PCH Morel
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 205, 111815, 2020
Plant acclimation to elevated CO2 affects important plant functional traits, and concomitantly reduces plant colonization rates by an herbivorous insect
J Klaiber, AJ Najar-Rodriguez, R Piskorski, S Dorn
Planta 237, 29-42, 2013
Aphid-deprivation from Brassica plants results in increased isothiocyanate release and parasitoid attraction
AJ Najar-Rodriguez, M Friedli, J Klaiber, S Dorn
Chemoecology 25, 303-311, 2015
Brassica Plant Responses to Mild Herbivore Stress Elicited by Two Specialist Insects from Different Feeding Guilds
P Sotelo, E Pérez, A Najar-Rodriguez, A Walter, S Dorn
Journal of chemical ecology 40, 136-149, 2014
The efficacy of a petroleum spray oil against Aphis gossypii Glover on cotton. Part 2: Indirect effects of oil deposits
AJ Najar‐Rodríguez, GH Walter, RK Mensah
Pest Management Science: Formerly Pesticide Science 63 (6), 596-607, 2007
Developing new fumigation schedules for the phytosanitary treatment of New Zealand export logs comparative toxicity of two fumigants to the burnt pine longhorn beetle Arhopalus …
AJ Najar-Rodriguez, MKD Hall, AR Adlam, AJ Hall, SB Burgess, ...
New Zealand Plant Protection 68, 19-25, 2015
The ecological differentiation of asexual lineages of cotton aphids: alate behaviour, sensory physiology, and differential host associations
AJ Najar-Rodriguez, EA McGRAW, CD Hull, RK Mensah, GH Walter
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 97 (3), 503-519, 2009
Sorption and desorption characteristics of methyl bromide during and after fumigation of pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) logs
M Hall, A Najar‐Rodriguez, A Adlam, A Hall, D Brash
Pest management science 73 (5), 874-879, 2017
Influence of dose bark cover and endgrain sealing on ethanedinitrile (C2N2) sorption by pine (Pinus radiata D Don) logs
MKD Hall, AJ Najar-Rodriguez, T Pranamornkith, AR Adlam, AJ Hall, ...
New Zealand Plant Protection 68, 13-18, 2015
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