Russell Zaretzki
Russell Zaretzki
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Beta process joint dictionary learning for coupled feature spaces with application to single image super-resolution
L He, H Qi, R Zaretzki
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2013
Competing against the unknown: the impact of enabling and constraining institutions on the informal economy
BD Mathias, S Lux, T Russell Crook, C Autry, R Zaretzki
Journal of Business Ethics 127, 251-264, 2015
World of code: an infrastructure for mining the universe of open source VCS data
Y Ma, C Bogart, S Amreen, R Zaretzki, A Mockus
2019 IEEE/ACM 16th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories …, 2019
Image color transfer to evoke different emotions based on color combinations
L He, H Qi, R Zaretzki
Signal, Image and Video Processing 9, 1965-1973, 2015
The skill plot: a graphical technique for evaluating continuous diagnostic tests
WM Briggs, R Zaretzki
Biometrics 64 (1), 250-256, 2008
Investigating the influence of curbs on single-vehicle crash injury severity utilizing zero-inflated ordered probit models
X Jiang, B Huang, RL Zaretzki, S Richards, X Yan, H Zhang
Accident Analysis & Prevention 57, 55-66, 2013
World of code: enabling a research workflow for mining and analyzing the universe of open source VCS data
Y Ma, T Dey, C Bogart, S Amreen, M Valiev, A Tutko, D Kennard, ...
Empirical Software Engineering 26, 1-42, 2021
Estimating gene expression and codon-specific translational efficiencies, mutation biases, and selection coefficients from genomic data alone
MA Gilchrist, WC Chen, P Shah, CL Landerer, R Zaretzki
Genome biology and evolution 7 (6), 1559-1579, 2015
Broad distribution of stick-slip events in Slowly Sheared Granular Media: Table-top production of a Gutenberg-Richter-like distribution
M Bretz, R Zaretzki, SB Field, N Mitarai, F Nori
Europhysics Letters 74 (6), 1116, 2006
Measuring and detecting molecular adaptation in codon usage against nonsense errors during protein translation
MA Gilchrist, P Shah, R Zaretzki
Genetics 183 (4), 1493-1505, 2009
ALFAA: Active Learning Fingerprint based Anti-Aliasing for correcting developer identity errors in version control systems
S Amreen, A Mockus, R Zaretzki, C Bogart, Y Zhang
Empirical Software Engineering 25, 1136-1167, 2020
A GIS‐based method to identify cost‐effective routes for rural deviated fixed route transit
H Yang, CR Cherry, R Zaretzki, MS Ryerson, X Liu, Z Fu
Journal of Advanced Transportation 50 (8), 1770-1784, 2016
Two-vehicle injury severity models based on integration of pavement management and traffic engineering factors
X Jiang, B Huang, X Yan, RL Zaretzki, S Richards
Traffic injury prevention 14 (5), 544-553, 2013
World of code: an infrastructure for mining the universe of open source VCS data. In 2019 IEEE/ACM 16th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR)
Y Ma, C Bogart, S Amreen, R Zaretzki, A Mockus
IEEE. https://doi. org/10.1109/msr, 2019
Predicting and correlating the strength properties of wood composite process parameters by use of boosted regression tree models
DM Carty, TM Young, RL Zaretzki, FM Guess, A Petutschnigg
Forest Products Journal 65 (7-8), 365-371, 2015
Logistic regression models of factors influencing the location of bioenergy and biofuels plants
TM Young, RL Zaretski, JH Perdue, FM Guess, X Liu
BioResources 6 (1), 329-343, 2011
Loan default prediction using a credit rating-specific and multi-objective ensemble learning scheme
Y Song, Y Wang, X Ye, R Zaretzki, C Liu
Information Sciences 629, 599-617, 2023
AnaCoDa: analyzing codon data with Bayesian mixture models
C Landerer, A Cope, R Zaretzki, MA Gilchrist
Bioinformatics 34 (14), 2496-2498, 2018
A note on mean-field variational approximations in Bayesian probit models
A Armagan, RL Zaretzki
Computational statistics & data analysis 55 (1), 641-643, 2011
Population genetics based phylogenetics under stabilizing selection for an optimal amino acid sequence: a nested modeling approach
JM Beaulieu, BC O’Meara, R Zaretzki, C Landerer, J Chai, MA Gilchrist
Molecular biology and evolution 36 (4), 834-851, 2019
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