Farid Dahmoune
Farid Dahmoune
Lecturer, BBBS Laboratory, Université de Bouira, Algeria
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Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solutions by adsorption on Kaolin: Kinetic and equilibrium studies
L Mouni, L Belkhiri, JC Bollinger, A Bouzaza, A Assadi, A Tirri, ...
Applied Clay Science 153, 38-45, 2018
Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of polyphenols from Myrtus communis L. leaves
F Dahmoune, B Nayak, K Moussi, H Remini, K Madani
Food chemistry 166, 585-595, 2015
Comparison of microwave, ultrasound and accelerated-assisted solvent extraction for recovery of polyphenols from Citrus sinensis peels
B Nayak, F Dahmoune, K Moussi, H Remini, S Dairi, O Aoun, M Khodir
Food chemistry 187, 507-516, 2015
Pistacia lentiscus leaves as a source of phenolic compounds: Microwave-assisted extraction optimized and compared with ultrasound-assisted and conventional solvent extraction
F Dahmoune, G Spigno, K Moussi, H Remini, A Cherbal, K Madani
Industrial Crops and Products 61, 31-40, 2014
Valorization of Citrus limon residues for the recovery of antioxidants: evaluation and optimization of microwave and ultrasound application to solvent extraction
F Dahmoune, L Boulekbache, K Moussi, O Aoun, G Spigno, K Madani
Industrial Crops and Products 50, 77-87, 2013
Comparison of artificial neural network (ANN) and response surface methodology (RSM) prediction in compressive strength of recycled concrete aggregates
A Hammoudi, K Moussaceb, C Belebchouche, F Dahmoune
Construction and Building Materials 209, 425-436, 2019
Optimisation Of Solvent Extraction Of Antioxidants (Phenolic Compounds) From Algerian Mint ( Mentha spicata L. )
CM Brahmi Fatiha, Madani Khodir , Dahmoune Farid
Pharmacognosy Communications 2 (4), 72-86, 0
Pectin from Opuntia ficus indica: Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction and preliminary characterization
K Lefsih, D Giacomazza, F Dahmoune, MR Mangione, D Bulone, ...
Food Chemistry 221, 91-99, 2017
Extraction, characterization and gelling behavior enhancement of pectins from the cladodes of Opuntia ficus indica
K Lefsih, C Delattre, G Pierre, P Michaud, TM Aminabhavi, F Dahmoune, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 82, 645-652, 2016
Improvement of electrocoagulation–electroflotation treatment of effluent by addition of Opuntia ficus indica pad juice
N Adjeroud, F Dahmoune, B Merzouk, JP Leclerc, K Madani
Separation and Purification Technology 144, 168-176, 2015
Optimization of the recovery of phenolic compounds from Algerian grape by-products
S Medouni-Adrar, L Boulekbache-Makhlouf, Y Cadot, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 77, 123-132, 2015
Ultrasound assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from P. lentiscus L. leaves: Comparative study of artificial neural network (ANN) versus degree of experiment for …
F Dahmoune, H Remini, S Dairi, O Aoun, K Moussi, N Bouaoudia-Madi, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 77, 251-261, 2015
Full factorial design optimization of anti-inflammatory drug release by PCL–PEG–PCL microspheres
F Dahmoune, F Rezgui, C G'Sell
Materials Science and Engineering: C 58, 412-419, 2016
HPLC-DAD profile of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of leaves extract of Rhamnus alaternus L.
K Moussi, B Nayak, LB Perkins, F Dahmoune, K Madani, M Chibane
Industrial Crops and products 74, 858-866, 2015
Colloidal gas aphrons based separation process for the purification and fractionation of natural phenolic extracts
G Spigno, D Amendola, F Dahmoune, P Jauregi
Food and Bioproducts Processing 94, 434-442, 2015
Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from Citrus sinensis L. peels using response surface methodology
F Dahmoune, K Moussi, H Remini, A Belbahi, O Aoun, G Spigno, ...
Chemical Engineering Transactions 37, 889-894, 2014
Preparation of plasticized wheat gluten/olive pomace powder biocomposite: Effect of powder content and chemical modifications
Y Hammoui, S Molina-Boisseau, A Duval, N Djerrada, N Adjeroud, ...
Materials & Design 87, 742-749, 2015
Microwave optimization of mucilage extraction from Opuntia ficus indica Cladodes
L Felkai-Haddache, F Dahmoune, H Remini, K Lefsih, L Mouni, K Madani
International journal of biological macromolecules 84, 24-30, 2016
Optimization of the extraction of phenolic compounds from Scirpus holoschoenus using a simplex centroid design for antioxidant and antibacterial applications
S Oussaid, M Chibane, K Madani, T Amrouche, S Achat, F Dahmoune, ...
Lwt 86, 635-642, 2017
Antioxidant effects of extra virgin olive oil enriched by myrtle phenolic extracts on iron-mediated lipid peroxidation under intestinal conditions model
S Dairi, MA Carbonneau, T Galeano-Diaz, H Remini, F Dahmoune, ...
Food chemistry 237, 297-304, 2017
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