Cheng Zhang
Cheng Zhang
Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Потвърден имейл адрес: umich.edu - Начална страница
High performance bianisotropic metasurfaces: asymmetric transmission of light
C Pfeiffer, C Zhang, V Ray, LJ Guo, A Grbic
Physical Review Letters 113 (2), 023902, 2014
An ultrathin, smooth, and low‐loss Al‐doped Ag film and its application as a transparent electrode in organic photovoltaics
C Zhang, D Zhao, D Gu, H Kim, T Ling, YKR Wu, LJ Guo
Advanced Materials, 2014
Angle-insensitive structural colours based on metallic nanocavities and coloured pixels beyond the diffraction limit
YKR Wu, AE Hollowell, C Zhang, LJ Guo
Scientific Reports 3 (1), 1194, 2013
Low-loss metasurface optics down to the deep ultraviolet region
C Zhang, S Divitt, Q Fan, W Zhu, A Agrawal, Y Lu, T Xu, HJ Lezec
Light: Science & Applications 9 (1), 55, 2020
Photonic spin-multiplexing metasurface for switchable spiral phase contrast imaging
P Huo, C Zhang, W Zhu, M Liu, S Zhang, S Zhang, L Chen, HJ Lezec, ...
Nano Letters 20 (4), 2791-2798, 2020
Multifunctional metasurfaces enabled by simultaneous and independent control of phase and amplitude for orthogonal polarization states
M Liu, W Zhu, P Huo, L Feng, M Song, C Zhang, L Chen, HJ Lezec, Y Lu, ...
Light: Science & Applications 10 (1), 107, 2021
Ultrafast optical pulse shaping using dielectric metasurfaces
S Divitt, W Zhu, C Zhang, HJ Lezec, A Agrawal
Science 364 (6443), 890-894, 2019
Independent amplitude control of arbitrary orthogonal states of polarization via dielectric metasurfaces
Q Fan, M Liu, C Zhang, W Zhu, Y Wang, P Lin, F Yan, L Chen, HJ Lezec, ...
Physical Review Letters 125 (26), 267402, 2020
Broadband generation of perfect Poincaré beams via dielectric spin-multiplexed metasurface
M Liu, P Huo, W Zhu, C Zhang, S Zhang, M Song, S Zhang, Q Zhou, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 2230, 2021
Ultrasmooth and thermally stable silver-based thin films with subnanometer roughness by aluminum doping
D Gu, C Zhang, YK Wu, LJ Guo
ACS Nano 8 (10), 10343-10351, 2014
Ultrathin-metal-film-based transparent electrodes with relative transmittance surpassing 100%
C Ji, D Liu, C Zhang, L Jay Guo
Nature Communications 11 (1), 3367, 2020
Ultrabroad bandwidth and highly sensitive optical ultrasonic detector for photoacoustic imaging
C Zhang, T Ling, SL Chen, LJ Guo
ACS Photonics 1 (11), 1093-1098, 2014
High‐performance doped silver films: overcoming fundamental material limits for nanophotonic applications
C Zhang, N Kinsey, L Chen, C Ji, M Xu, M Ferrera, X Pan, VM Shalaev, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (19), 1605177, 2017
Thin‐Metal‐Film‐Based Transparent Conductors: Material Preparation, Optical Design, and Device Applications
C Zhang, C Ji, YB Park, LJ Guo
Advanced Optical Materials, 2001298, 2020
Broadband generation of photonic spin-controlled arbitrary accelerating light beams in the visible
Q Fan, W Zhu, Y Liang, P Huo, C Zhang, A Agrawal, K Huang, X Luo, Y Lu, ...
Nano Letters 19 (2), 1158-1165, 2018
Efficient real-time detection of terahertz pulse radiation based on photoacoustic conversion by carbon nanotube nanocomposite
SL Chen, YC Chang, C Zhang, JG Ok, T Ling, MT Mihnev, TB Norris, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (7), 537-542, 2014
Highly transparent and broadband electromagnetic interference shielding based on ultrathin doped Ag and conducting oxides hybrid film structures
H Wang, C Ji, C Zhang, Y Zhang, Z Zhang, Z Lu, J Tan, LJ Guo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11 (12), 11782-11791, 2019
Review of imprinted polymer microrings as ultrasound detectors: Design, fabrication, and characterization
C Zhang, SL Chen, T Ling, LJ Guo
IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (6), 3241-3248, 2015
Polarization rotation with ultra-thin bianisotropic metasurfaces
C Pfeiffer, C Zhang, V Ray, LJ Guo, A Grbic
Optica 3 (4), 427-432, 2016
Surface plasmon polariton laser based on a metallic trench Fabry-Perot resonator
W Zhu, T Xu, H Wang, C Zhang, PB Deotare, A Agrawal, HJ Lezec
Science Advances 3 (10), e1700909, 2017
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