Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
University of Vermont - Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
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Benefits for plants in ant-plant protective mutualisms: a meta-analysis
MD Trager, S Bhotika, JA Hostetler, GV Andrade, MA Rodriguez-Cabal, ...
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Habitat fragmentation disrupts a plant-disperser mutualism in the temperate forest of South America
MA Rodríguez-Cabal, MA Aizen, AJ Novaro
Biological Conservation 139 (1-2), 195-202, 2007
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Seed dispersal by a frugivorous marsupial shapes the spatial scale of a mistletoe population
D García, MA Rodríguez‐Cabal, GC Amico
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Multiple plant traits shape the genetic basis of herbivore community assembly
MA Barbour, MA Rodriguez‐Cabal, ET Wu, R Julkunen‐Tiitto, CE Ritland, ...
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Tradeoffs, competition, and coexistence in eastern deciduous forest ant communities
KL Stuble, MA Rodriguez-Cabal, GL McCormick, I Jurić, RR Dunn, ...
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Geographic variation in fruit colour is associated with contrasting seed disperser assemblages in a south‐Andean mistletoe
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Ecography 34 (2), 318-326, 2011
Node-by-node disassembly of a mutualistic interaction web driven by species introductions
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Disruption of ant-seed dispersal mutualisms by the invasive Asian needle ant (Pachycondyla chinensis)
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Artificial perches promote vegetation restoration
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Plant ecology 217, 935-942, 2016
Ecological consistency across space: a synthesis of the ecological aspects of Dromiciops gliroides in Argentina and Chile
FE Fontúrbel, M Franco, MA Rodríguez-Cabal, MD Rivarola, GC Amico
Naturwissenschaften 99, 873-881, 2012
Adaptive genetic variation mediates bottom-up and top-down control in an aquatic ecosystem
SM Rudman, MA Rodriguez-Cabal, A Stier, T Sato, J Heavyside, ...
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Quantitative analysis of the effects of the exotic Argentine ant on seed-dispersal mutualisms
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Influence of habitat factors on the distribution and abundance of a marsupial seed disperser
MA Rodriguez-Cabal, LC Branch
Journal of Mammalogy 92 (6), 1245-1252, 2011
Testing a ‘genes‐to‐ecosystems’ approach to understanding aquatic–terrestrial linkages
GM Crutsinger, SM Rudman, MA Rodriguez‐Cabal, AD McKown, T Sato, ...
Molecular Ecology 23 (23), 5888-5903, 2014
Positive interactions in ecology: filling the fundamental niche
MA Rodriguez-Cabal, MN Barrios-Garcia, MA Nuñez
Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 5, 2012
Genetic variation within a dominant shrub structures green and brown community assemblages
GM Crutsinger, MA Rodriguez-Cabal, AB Roddy, KG Peay, JL Bastow, ...
Ecology 95 (2), 387-398, 2014
Ant-mediated seed dispersal in a warmed world
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Resource availability and plant diversity explain patterns of invasion of an exotic grass
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Journal of Plant Ecology 6 (2), 141-149, 2013
Highly invasive tree species are more dependent on mutualisms
J Moyano, MA Rodriguez‐Cabal, MA Nuñez
Ecology 101 (5), e02997, 2020
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