Alexis Janosik
Alexis Janosik
University of West Floirda
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Environmental DNA as an effective tool for detection of imperiled fishes
AM Janosik, CE Johnston
Environmental biology of fishes 98 (8), 1889-1893, 2015
Evolutionary history of Southern Ocean Odontaster sea star species (Odontasteridae; Asteroidea)
AM Janosik, AR Mahon, KM Halanych
Polar biology 34 (4), 575-586, 2011
Unrecognized Antarctic Biodiversity: A Case Study of the Genus Odontaster (Odontasteridae; Asteroidea)
AM Janosik, KM Halanych
Integrative and comparative biology 50 (6), 981-992, 2010
A review of molecular markers used for Annelid phylogenetics
KM Halanych, AM Janosik
Integrative and Comparative Biology 46 (4), 533-543, 2006
Saving the doomed: Using eDNA to aid in detection of rare sturgeon for conservation (Acipenseridae)
MO Pfleger, SJ Rider, CE Johnston, AM Janosik
Global Ecology and Conservation 8, 99-107, 2016
Short Note: Life history of the Antarctic sea star Labidiaster annulatus (Asteroidea: Labidiasteridae) revealed by DNA barcoding
AM Janosik, AR Mahon, RS Scheltema, KM Halanych
Antarctic Science 20 (6), 563-564, 2008
Sampling with Niskin bottles and microfiltration reveals a high prevalence of microfibers
JM Whitaker, TN Garza, AM Janosik
Limnologica 78, 125711, 2019
Evidence of stream capture from the Tallapoosa River drainage by a Chattahoochee River tributary based on fish distributions
A Jarrett, W Stiles, A Janosik, R Blanton, C Johnston
Southeastern Naturalist 16 (1), 117-126, 2017
Seeing stars: a molecular and morphological investigation into the evolutionary history of Odontasteridae (Asteroidea) with description of a new species from the Galapagos Islands
AM Janosik, KM Halanych
Marine biology 160 (4), 821-841, 2013
The effect of bivalve filtration on eDNA-based detection of aquatic organisms
R Friebertshauser, K Shollenberger, A Janosik, JT Garner, C Johnston
PloS one 14 (11), e0222830, 2019
Detection of Trispot Darter (Percidae: Etheostoma trisella) Using Empirical Sampling and Environmental DNA (eDNA)
CE Johnston, AM Janosik
Southeastern Naturalist 18 (4), 555-560, 2019
A habitat risk assessment and breeding site projection for Slackwater darter (Etheostoma boschungi) (Percidae) in Alabama and Tennessee USA
MB Roy, CE Johnston, A Janosik
Environmental Biology of Fishes 102 (5), 685-703, 2019
A compendium of Coastal Dune Lakes in Northwest Florida
NM VanTassel, AM Janosik
Journal of Coastal Conservation 23 (2), 385-416, 2019
Telomere elongation and telomerase expression in regenerating arms of the starfish Luidia clathrata (Asteroidea: Echinodermata)
RM Varney, CM Pomory, AM Janosik
Marine Biology 164 (10), 1-6, 2017
The complete mitochondrial genome of the peppermint shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni (Decapoda: Lysmatidae)
MT Epps, RT Nguyen, KL Samborski, VE Bogantes, AM Janosik
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 6 (7), 1964-1965, 2021
The complete mitochondrial genome of the chocolate chip sea cucumber Isostichopus badionotus (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)
VI Drake, E Kim, HG Nigro, VE Bogantes, AM Janosik
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 6 (7), 1947-1948, 2021
Improved environmental DNA sampling scheme for Alabama sturgeon provides new insight into a species once presumed extinct
AM Janosik, JM Whitaker, NM VanTassel, SJ Rider
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 37 (2), 178-185, 2021
An exploratory study of telomere length in the deep-sea shark, Etmopterus granulosus
MC Nehmens, RM Varney, AM Janosik, DA Ebert
Frontiers in Marine Science 8, 267, 2021
Surveying Pensacola Beach for Elasmobranchs using Environmental DNA and Metabarcoding
C Hornfeck, MM Hebert, AM Janosik
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, ED037-0028, 2020
Optimizing Environmental DNA Storage: Comparing DNA Recovery between Low Binding and Standard Polypropylene Plastic Tubes using Quantitative PCR
B Walkinshaw, JD King, AM Janosik
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, B033-0007, 2020
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