Vincent Couallier
Vincent Couallier
IMB UMR CNRS 5251 University Bordeaux
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Enthesopathies as occupational stress markers: evidence from the upper limb
S Villotte, D Castex, V Couallier, O Dutour, CJ Knüsel, D Henry‐Gambier
American Journal of Physical Anthropology: The Official Publication of the …, 2010
Chain and conformation stability of solid-state DNA: implications for room temperature storage
J Bonnet, M Colotte, D Coudy, V Couallier, J Portier, B Morin, S Tuffet
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«Statistique des essais accélérés» by M. Nikulin, L. Gerville-Reache, V. Couallier
M Nikulin, L Gerville-Réache, V Couallier
HAL 2007, 2007
Inferring shifts in tree species distribution using asymmetric distribution curves: a case study in the Iberian mountains
M Urli, S Delzon, A Eyermann, V Couallier, R García‐Valdés, MA Zavala, ...
Journal of vegetation Science 25 (1), 147-159, 2014
Intradermal injection of a Tat Oyi-based therapeutic HIV vaccine reduces of 1.5 log copies/mL the HIV RNA rebound median and no HIV DNA rebound following cART interruption in a …
EP Loret, A Darque, E Jouve, EA Loret, C Nicolino-Brunet, S Morange, ...
Retrovirology 13 (1), 1-11, 2016
Échantillon représentatif (d'une population finie): définition statistique et propriétés
L Gerville-Réache, V Couallier
Simultaneous assessment of average fragment size and amount in minute samples of degraded DNA
M Colotte, V Couallier, S Tuffet, J Bonnet
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Are bone losers distinguishable from bone formers in a skeletal series? Implications for adult age at death assessment methods
A Schmitt, U Wapler, V Couallier, E Cunha
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Some recent results on joint degradation and failure time modeling
V Couallier
Probability, Statistics and Modelling in Public Health, 73-89, 2006
Modelling Pipe Failures in Water Distribution Systems: Accounting for Harmful Repairs and a Time-dependent Covariate.
International Journal of Performability Engineering 10 (1), 2014
Integration of time-dependent covariates in recurrent events modelling: application to failures on drinking water networks
K Claudio, V Couallier, Y Le Gat
Journal de la Société Française de Statistique 155 (3), 62-77, 2014
Statistical models and methods for reliability and survival analysis
V Couallier, L Gerville-Réache, C Huber-Carol, N Limnios, M Mesbah
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Modelling recurrent events for repairable systems under worse than old assumption
G Babykina, V Couallier
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Comparison of parametric and semiparametric estimates in a degradation model with covariates and traumatic censoring
V Couallier
Parametric and semiparametric models with applications to reliability …, 2004
Empirical assessment of the maximum likelihood estimator quality in a parametric counting process model for recurrent events
G Babykina, V Couallier
Computational statistics & data analysis 56 (2), 297-315, 2012
A competing risks model for degradation and traumatic failure times
V Couallier
Statistical models and methods for biomedical and technical systems, 83-93, 2008
Consumption estimation with a partial automatic meter reading deployment
K Claudio, V Couallier, C Leclerc, Y Le Gat, J Saracco
Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 15 (1), 50-58, 2015
Guide sur le Health Monitoring et les modèles de dégradation
V Couallier, L Gerville-Reache, I Denis
StatXpert, 2013
Estimation non paramétrique d'une discontinuité dans une densité
V Couallier
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series I-Mathematics 329 (7), 633-636, 1999
Une approche de la démonstration de fiabilité système à partir de tests sur composants unitaires: cas d'un système en série avec lois de Weibull
L Gerville-Réache, V Couallier
41èmes Journées de Statistique, SFdS, Bordeaux, 2009
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