Martin P Boer
Martin P Boer
Biometris, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
Потвърден имейл адрес: wur.nl
MapQTL 4.0: software for the calculation of QTL positions on genetic maps
JW Van Ooien, MP Boer, R Jansen, C Maliepaard
Plant Research International, 2000
A mixed-model quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis for multiple-environment trial data using environmental covariables for QTL-by-environment interactions, with an example in …
MP Boer, D Wright, L Feng, DW Podlich, L Luo, M Cooper, ...
Genetics 177 (3), 1801-1813, 2007
Analysis of natural allelic variation in Arabidopsis using a multiparent recombinant inbred line population
X Huang, MJ Paulo, M Boer, S Effgen, P Keizer, M Koornneef, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (11), 4488-4493, 2011
Modelling strategies for assessing and increasing the effectiveness of new phenotyping techniques in plant breeding
FA Van Eeuwijk, D Bustos-Korts, EJ Millet, MP Boer, W Kruijer, ...
Plant science 282, 23-39, 2019
Heteroclinic orbits indicate overexploitation in predator–prey systems with a strong Allee effect
GAK Van Voorn, L Hemerik, MP Boer, BW Kooi
Mathematical biosciences 209 (2), 451-469, 2007
Marker-based estimation of heritability in immortal populations
W Kruijer, MP Boer, M Malosetti, PJ Flood, B Engel, R Kooke, ...
Genetics 199 (2), 379-398, 2015
Correcting for spatial heterogeneity in plant breeding experiments with P-splines
MX Rodriguez-Alvarez, MP Boer, FA van Eeuwijk, PHC Eilers
Spatial Statistics 23, 52-71, 2018
Bayesian analysis of complex traits in pedigreed plant populations
M Bink, MP Boer, CJF Ter Braak, J Jansen, RE Voorrips, WE Van de Weg
Euphytica 161, 85-96, 2008
Studying the genetic basis of drought tolerance in sorghum by managed stress trials and adjustments for phenological and plant height differences
PK Sabadin, M Malosetti, MP Boer, FD Tardin, FG Santos, CT Guimaraes, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124, 1389-1402, 2012
Extending Xu's Bayesian model for estimating polygenic effects using markers of the entire genome
CJF ter Braak, MP Boer, MCAM Bink
Genetics 170 (3), 1435-1438, 2005
Modelling spatial trends in sorghum breeding field trials using a two-dimensional P-spline mixed model
JG Velazco, MX Rodríguez-Álvarez, MP Boer, DR Jordan, PHC Eilers, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130, 1375-1392, 2017
Homoclinic and heteroclinic orbits to a cycle in a tri-trophic food chain
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
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Predicting responses in multiple environments: issues in relation to genotype× environment interactions
M Malosetti, D Bustos‐Korts, MP Boer, FA van Eeuwijk
Crop Science 56 (5), 2210-2222, 2016
On the use of the logistic equation in models of food chains
BW Kooi, MP Boer, S Kooijman
Bulletin of mathematical biology 60 (2), 231-246, 1998
Food chain dynamics in the chemostat
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
Mathematical Biosciences 150 (1), 43-62, 1998
Gene and QTL detection in a three-way barley cross under selection by a mixed model with kinship information using SNPs
M Malosetti, FA van Eeuwijk, MP Boer, AM Casas, M Elía, M Moralejo, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 122, 1605-1616, 2011
A penalized likelihood method for mapping epistatic quantitative trait loci with one-dimensional genome searches
MP Boer, CJF Braak, RC Jansen
Genetics 162 (2), 951-960, 2002
Reconstruction of genome ancestry blocks in multiparental populations
C Zheng, MP Boer, FA Van Eeuwijk
Genetics 200 (4), 1073-1087, 2015
Multiple attractors and boundary crises in a tri-trophic food chain
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
Mathematical Biosciences 169 (2), 109-128, 2001
QTL linkage analysis of connected populations using ancestral marker and pedigree information
MCAM Bink, LR Totir, CJF ter Braak, CR Winkler, MP Boer, OS Smith
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124, 1097-1113, 2012
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