Mark King
Mark King
Professor of Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University
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Modelling the maximum voluntary joint torque/angular velocity relationship in human movement
MR Yeadon, MA King, C Wilson
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The relationship between bowling action classification and three-dimensional lower trunk motion in fast bowlers in cricket
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Relationships Between Fast Bowling Technique and Ball Release Speed in Cricket.
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Maximising somersault rotation in tumbling
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Evaluation of a torque driven simulation model of tumbling
MR Yeadon, MA King
© Human Kinetics, 2002
Evaluation of a torque-driven model of jumping for height.
MA King, C Wilson, MR Yeadon
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The need for muscle co-contraction prior to a landing
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Determining subject specific torque parameters for use in a torque driven simulation model of dynamic jumping
MA King, MR Yeadon
© Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc., 2002
A method for synchronising digitised video data
MR Yeadon, MA King
Journal of biomechanics 32 (9), 983-986, 1999
Comparing different approaches for determining joint torque parameters from isovelocity dynamometer measurements
SE Forrester, MR Yeadon, MA King, MTG Pain
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Determination of subject-specific model parameters for visco-elastic elements
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The influence of cricket fast bowlers’ front leg technique on peak ground reaction forces
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Head speed vs. racket inertia in the tennis serve
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Computer simulation modelling in sport
MR Yeadon, MA King
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The effects of ball impact location and grip tightness on the arm, racquet and ball for one-handed tennis backhand groundstrokes
MA King, BB Kentel, SR Mitchell
Journal of biomechanics 45 (6), 1048-1052, 2012
Is a single or double arm technique more advantageous in triple jumping?
SJ Allen, MA King, MR Yeadon
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Considerations that affect optimised simulation in a running jump for height
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Coping with perturbations to a layout somersault in tumbling
MA King, MR Yeadon
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Parameter determination for a computer simulation model of a diver and a springboard
MR Yeadon, PW Kong, MA King
Journal of Applied Biomechanics 22 (3), 167, 2006
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