Bradley J. Pusey
Bradley J. Pusey
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Importance of the riparian zone to the conservation and management of freshwater fish: a review
BJ Pusey, AH Arthington
Marine and freshwater Research 54 (1), 1-16, 2003
Freshwater fishes of north-eastern Australia
A Pusey, Kennard
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Flow restoration and protection in Australian rivers
AH Arthington, BJ Pusey
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Classification of natural flow regimes in Australia to support environmental flow management
MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey, JD Olden, SJ Mackay, JL Stein, N Marsh
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A framework for hydrologic classification with a review of methodologies and applications in ecohydrology
JD Olden, MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey
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Development of an holistic approach for assessing environmental flow requirements of riverine ecosystems
AH Arthington, JM King, JH O’keeffe, SE Bunn, JA Day, BJ Pusey, ...
Proceedings of an international seminar and workshop on water allocation for …, 1992
Are alien fish a reliable indicator of river health?
MJ Kennard, AH Arthington, BJ Pusey, BD Harch
Freshwater Biology 50 (1), 174-193, 2005
Quantifying uncertainty in estimation of hydrologic metrics for ecohydrological studies
MJ Kennard, SJ Mackay, BJ Pusey, JD Olden, N Marsh
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Climate change and its implications for Australia’s freshwater fish
JR Morrongiello, SJ Beatty, JC Bennett, DA Crook, DNEN Ikedife, ...
Marine and Freshwater Research 62 (9), 1082-1098, 2011
Spatial and temporal variation in fish assemblage structure in the Mary River, south-eastern Queensland: the influence of habitat structure
BJ Pusey, AH Arthington, MG Read
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Species invasions and the changing biogeography of Australian freshwater fishes
JD Olden, MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey
Global Ecology and Biogeography 17 (1), 25-37, 2008
Fish mediate high food web connectivity in the lower reaches of a tropical floodplain river
TD Jardine, BJ Pusey, SK Hamilton, NE Pettit, PM Davies, MM Douglas, ...
Oecologia 168, 829-838, 2012
Gut content and stable isotope analyses provide complementary understanding of ontogenetic dietary shifts and trophic relationships among fishes in a tropical river
AM Davis, ML Blanchette, BJ Pusey, TD Jardine, RG Pearson
Freshwater Biology 57 (10), 2156-2172, 2012
Environmental flow requirements of fish in Lesotho rivers using the DRIFT methodology
AH Arthington, JL Rall, MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey
River Research and Applications 19 (5‐6), 641-666, 2003
The ‘wet–dry’in the wet–dry tropics drives river ecosystem structure and processes in northern Australia
DM Warfe, NE Pettit, PM Davies, BJ Pusey, SK Hamilton, MJ Kennard, ...
Freshwater Biology 56 (11), 2169-2195, 2011
Bayesian network models for environmental flow decision making in the Daly River, Northern Territory, Australia
TU Chan, BT Hart, MJ Kennard, BJ Pusey, W Shenton, MM Douglas, ...
River Research and Applications 28 (3), 283-301, 2012
Environmental flow assessment with emphasis on holistic methodologies
AH Arthington, R Tharme, SO Brizga, BJ Pusey, MJ Kennard
Proceedings of the second international symposium on the management of large …, 2004
Discharge variability and the development of predictive models relating stream fish assemblage structure to habitat in northeastern Australia
BJ Pusey, MJ Kennard, AH Arthington
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 9 (1‐2), 30-50, 2000
Multiscale effects of flow regime and habitat and their interaction on fish assemblage structure in eastern Australia
MJ Kennard, JD Olden, AH Arthington, BJ Pusey, NLR Poff
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 64 (10), 1346-1359, 2007
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BJ Pusey, MJ Kennard
Marine and Freshwater Research 47 (3), 563-573, 1996
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