Shangjr (Felix) Gwo
Shangjr (Felix) Gwo
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Plasmonic Nanolaser Using Epitaxially Grown Silver Film
YJ Lu, J Kim, HY Chen, C Wu, N Dabidian, CE Sanders, CY Wang, MY Lu, ...
Science 337 (6093), 450-453, 2012
Green, yellow, and orange defect emission from ZnO nanostructures: Influence of excitation wavelength
AB Djurišić, YH Leung, KH Tam, L Ding, WK Ge, HY Chen, S Gwo
Applied Physics Letters 88 (10), 2006
Large-scale hot spot engineering for quantitative SERS at the single-molecule scale
HY Chen, MH Lin, CY Wang, YM Chang, S Gwo
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (42), 13698-13705, 2015
InGaN/GaN nanorod array white light-emitting diode
HW Lin, YJ Lu, HY Chen, HM Lee, S Gwo
Applied Physics Letters 97 (7), 2010
All-color plasmonic nanolasers with ultralow thresholds: autotuning mechanism for single-mode lasing
YJ Lu, CY Wang, J Kim, HY Chen, MY Lu, YC Chen, WH Chang, LJ Chen, ...
Nano letters 14 (8), 4381-4388, 2014
Facet-Dependent and Au Nanocrystal-Enhanced Electrical and Photocatalytic Properties of Au−Cu2O Core−Shell Heterostructures
CH Kuo, YC Yang, S Gwo, MH Huang
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (4), 1052-1057, 2011
Tunable plasmonic response from alkanethiolate-stabilized gold nanoparticle superlattices: evidence of near-field coupling
CF Chen, SD Tzeng, HY Chen, KJ Lin, S Gwo
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (3), 824-826, 2008
Plasmon hybridization in individual gold nanocrystal dimers: direct observation of bright and dark modes
SC Yang, H Kobori, CL He, MH Lin, HY Chen, C Li, M Kanehara, ...
Nano letters 10 (2), 632-637, 2010
Nanomanipulation and controlled self-assembly of metal nanoparticles and nanocrystals for plasmonics
S Gwo, HY Chen, MH Lin, L Sun, X Li
Chemical Society Reviews 45 (20), 5672-5716, 2016
Separation of valley excitons in a MoS2 monolayer using a subwavelength asymmetric groove array
L Sun, CY Wang, A Krasnok, J Choi, J Shi, JS Gomez-Diaz, A Zepeda, ...
Nature Photonics 13 (3), 180-184, 2019
A sub-ppm acetone gas sensor for diabetes detection using 10 nm thick ultrathin InN FETs
KW Kao, MC Hsu, YH Chang, S Gwo, JA Yeh
Sensors 12 (6), 7157-7168, 2012
Inorganic gyroid with exceptionally low refractive index from block copolymer templating
HY Hsueh, HY Chen, MS She, CK Chen, RM Ho, S Gwo, H Hasegawa, ...
Nano letters 10 (12), 4994-5000, 2010
Heteroepitaxial growth of wurtzite InN films on Si (111) exhibiting strong near-infrared photoluminescence at room temperature
S Gwo, CL Wu, CH Shen, WH Chang, TM Hsu, JS Wang, JT Hsu
Applied physics letters 84 (19), 3765-3767, 2004
Nanomachining of (110)-oriented silicon by scanning probe lithography and anisotropic wet etching
FSS Chien, CL Wu, YC Chou, TT Chen, S Gwo, WF Hsieh
Applied physics letters 75 (16), 2429-2431, 1999
Plasmonic green nanolaser based on a metal–oxide–semiconductor structure
CY Wu, CT Kuo, CY Wang, CL He, MH Lin, H Ahn, S Gwo
Nano letters 11 (10), 4256-4260, 2011
The influence of shell thickness of Au@ TiO 2 core–shell nanoparticles on the plasmonic enhancement effect in dye-sensitized solar cells
WL Liu, FC Lin, YC Yang, CH Huang, S Gwo, MH Huang, JS Huang
Nanoscale 5 (17), 7953-7962, 2013
Metal phthalocyanine nanoribbons and nanowires
WY Tong, AB Djurišić, MH Xie, ACM Ng, KY Cheung, WK Chan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (35), 17406-17413, 2006
Nanometer-scale conversion of to
FSS Chien, JW Chang, SW Lin, YC Chou, TT Chen, S Gwo, TS Chao, ...
Applied Physics Letters 76 (3), 360-362, 2000
Absence of Fermi-level pinning at cleaved nonpolar InN surfaces
CL Wu, HM Lee, CT Kuo, CH Chen, S Gwo
Physical review letters 101 (10), 106803, 2008
Giant colloidal silver crystals for low-loss linear and nonlinear plasmonics
CY Wang, HY Chen, L Sun, WL Chen, YM Chang, H Ahn, X Li, S Gwo
Nature communications 6 (1), 7734, 2015
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