Steven Paul Sylvester
Steven Paul Sylvester
Nanjing Forestry University, China
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Relict high-Andean ecosystems challenge our concepts of naturalness and human impact
SP Sylvester, F Heitkamp, MDPV Sylvester, HF Jungkunst, HJM Sipman, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-13, 2017
Inaccessible ledges as refuges for the natural vegetation of the high Andes
SP Sylvester, MDPV Sylvester, M Kessler
Journal of vegetation Science 25 (5), 1225-1234, 2014
Elevational patterns of Polylepis tree height (Rosaceae) in the high Andes of Peru: role of human impact and climatic conditions
M Kessler, JM Toivonen, SP Sylvester, J Kluge, D Hertel
Frontiers in plant science 5, 194, 2014
The world’s highest vascular epiphytes found in the Peruvian Andes
SP Sylvester, MDPV Sylvester, M Kessler
Alpine Botany 124 (2), 179-185, 2014
The complete plastid genome of Magnolia zenii and genetic comparison to Magnoliaceae species
Y Li, SP Sylvester, M Li, C Zhang, X Li, Y Duan, X Wang
Molecules 24 (2), 261, 2019
Inaccessible Andean sites reveal human-induced weathering in grazed soils
F Heitkamp, SP Sylvester, M Kessler, MDPV Sylvester, HF Jungkunst
Progress in Physical Geography 38 (5), 576-601, 2014
Multivariate analysis and taxonomic delimitation within the Festuca setifolia complex (Poaceae) and a new species from the central Andes
JC Ospina, SP Sylvester, MDPV Sylvester
Systematic Botany 41 (3), 727-746, 2016
An updated checklist and key to the open-panicled species of Poa L.(Poaceae) in Peru including three new species, Poa ramoniana, Poa tayacajaensis, and Poa urubambensis
SP Sylvester, RJ Soreng, PM Peterson, MDPV Sylvester
PhytoKeys, 57, 2016
Páramo Calamagrostis sl (Poaceae): An updated list and key to the species known or likely to occur in páramos of NW South America and southern Central America including two new …
SP Sylvester, RJ Soreng, WJ Bravo-Pedraza, LE Cuta-Alarcon, ...
PhytoKeys 122, 29, 2019
The stability of spruce treelines on the eastern Tibetan Plateau over the last century is explained by pastoral disturbance
Y Wang, SP Sylvester, X Lu, B Dawadi, SR Sigdel, E Liang, JJ Camarero
Forest ecology and management 442, 34-45, 2019
Gentianella viridiflora (Gentianaceae), a new species from the Peruvian Andes
S Pfanzelt, SP Sylvester, L Ammann, M Sylvester
Phytotaxa 222 (4), 283-289, 2015
Bartsia lydiae, a new species of Bartsia sect. Laxae (Orobanchaceae) from the southern Peruvian Andes with a revised key to Bartsia sect. Laxae
SP Sylvester
Phytotaxa 164 (1), 041-046, 2014
New combinations and updated descriptions in Podagrostis (Agrostidinae, Poaceae) from the Neotropics and Mexico
SP Sylvester, PM Peterson, K Romaschenko, WJ Bravo-Pedraza, ...
PhytoKeys 148, 21, 2020
Podagrostis colombiana sp. nov.(Poaceae): A new genus record and species for Colombia
SP Sylvester, RJ Soreng, D Giraldo-Cañas
Kew Bulletin 74 (2), 1-6, 2019
The world’s smallest Campanulaceae: Lysipomia mitsyae sp. nov.
SP Sylvester, D Quandt, L Ammann, M Kessler
Taxon 65 (2), 305-314, 2016
A new species of Moranopteris (Polypodiaceae) from inaccessible ledges in the high Andes of Peru
M Sundue, SP Sylvester, M Kessler, B Lyons, TA Ranker, CW Morden
Systematic Botany 40 (3), 652-657, 2015
Global patterns and drivers of alpine plant species richness
R Testolin, F Attorre, P Borchardt, RF Brand, H Bruelheide, M Chytrý, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 30 (6), 1218-1231, 2021
New records and key to Poa (Pooideae, Poaceae) from the Flora of Southern Africa region and notes on taxa including a diclinous breeding system in Poa binata
RJ Soreng, SP Sylvester, MDPV Sylvester, VR Clark
PhytoKeys 165, 27, 2020
Festuca drakensbergensis (Poaceae): A common new species in the F. caprina complex from the Drakensberg Mountain Centre of Floristic Endemism, southern Africa, with key and …
SP Sylvester, RJ Soreng, MDPV Sylvester, VR Clark
PhytoKeys 162, 45, 2020
Agrostis and Podagrostis (Agrostidinae, Poaceae) from páramos of Boyacá, Colombia: synoptic taxonomy including a key to Colombian species
SP Sylvester, LE Cuta-Alarcon, WJ Bravo-Pedraza, RJ Soreng
PhytoKeys 151, 107, 2020
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