Oleg Mosin
Oleg Mosin
Московский государственный университет тонких химических технологий
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Structural mathematical models describing water clusters
I Ignatov, O Mosin
Mathematical theory and modeling 3 (11), 72-87, 2013
Origin of life and living matter in hot mineral water
I Ignat, MO Victorovich
Вестник евразийской науки, 2013
Biosynthesis of 2H-labeled phenylalanine by a new methylotrophic mutant Brevibacterium methylicum
OV Mosin, DA Skladnev, VI Shvets
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 62 (2), 225-229, 1998
Modeling of possible processes for origin of life and living matter in hot mineral and seawater with deuterium
I Ignatov, O Mosin
Journal of Environment and Earth Science 3 (14), 103-118, 2013
Possible processes for origin of life and living matter with modeling of physiological processes of bacterium Bacillus subtilis in heavy water as model system
I Ignatov, OV Mosin
Journal of Natural Sciences Research 3 (9), 65-76, 2013
Isotope effects of deuterium in bacterial and microalgae cells at growth on heavy water (D2O)
OV Mosin, I Ignatov
Voda: Himia i Ecologija 3, 83-94, 2012
Basic concepts of magnetic water treatment
I Ignatov, O Mosin
European journal of molecular biotechnology 4, 72-85, 2014
The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite
OV Mosin, I Ignatov
International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research 6 (11-12 …, 2013
Biosynthetic production of stable isotope labeled amino acids using methylotroph Methylobacillus flagellatum
EN Karnaukhova, OV Mosin, OS Reshetova, I Ignatov
Amino Acids 5 (1), 125, 1993
The structure and composition of carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite and microporous crystalline aluminosilicate mineral zeolite. Mathematical model of …
I Ignatov, O Mosin
Advances in Physics Theories and Applications 28, 10-21, 2014
Water in human body is informational bearer about longevity
I Ignatov, O Mosin
Conference on the Physics, 2012
The Structure and Composition of Shungite and Zeolite. Mathematical Model of Distribution of Hydrogen Bonds of Water Molecules in Solution of Shungite and Zeolite
I Ignatov, O Mosin
Journal of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics 2, 20-36, 2014
Мethod for Color coronal (Kirlian) spectral analysis
I Ignatov, OV Mosin
Biomedical Radio, 2013
Studying of microbic synthesis of deuterium labelled l-phenylalanine by methylotrophic bacterium brevibacterium methylicum on media with differeny content of heavy water
OV Mosin, VI Shvets, DA Skladnev, I Ignatov
Russian Journal of Biopharmaceuticals 4 (1), 11-22, 2012
Methods for measurements of water spectrum. Differential non-equilibrium energy spectrum method (DNES)
I Ignatov, OV Mosin
Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing 6, 50-72, 2014
Microbiological synthesis of 2H-labeled phenylalanine, alanine, valine, and leucine/isoleucine with different degrees of deuterium enrichment by the Gram-positive facultative …
I Ignatov, O Mosin
International Journal of Biomedicine 3 (2), 132-138, 2013
Preparation of deuterated inosine suitable for biomedical application
VI Shvets, AM Yurkevich, OV Mosin, DA Skladnev, I Ignatov
Conference Man and Nature, SRCMB, Sofia, 23-24, 1997
Isotopic composition of water and its temperature in modeling of primordial hydrosphere experiments
I Ignatov, OV Mosin
Euro-Eco, Hanover, 62, 2012
Microbial synthesis of 2 H-labelled L-phenylalanine with different levels of isotopic enrichment by a facultative methylotrophic bacterium Brevibacterium methylicum with RuMP …
OV Mosin, VI Shvets, DA Skladnev, I Ignatov
Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry 7 (3), 247-258, 2013
Studying of isotopic effects of heavy water in biological systems on example of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
OV Mosin, I Ignatov
Biomedicine, Moscow 1 (1-3), 31-50, 2012
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