Johannes Rennig
Johannes Rennig
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The anatomy underlying acute versus chronic spatial neglect: a longitudinal study
HO Karnath, J Rennig, L Johannsen, C Rorden
Brain 134 (3), 903-912, 2011
Fact learning in complex arithmetic—the role of the angular gyrus revisited
J Bloechle, S Huber, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, K Willmes, S Cavdaroglu, ...
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The temporo-parietal junction contributes to global gestalt perception—evidence from studies in chess experts
J Rennig, M Bilalic, E Huberle, HO Karnath, M Himmelbach
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Investigating structure and function in the healthy human brain: validity of acute versus chronic lesion-symptom mapping
HO Karnath, J Rennig
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Magnitude processing of symbolic and non-symbolic proportions: an fMRI study
J Mock, S Huber, J Bloechle, JF Dietrich, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, ...
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Neuro-cognitive mechanisms of global Gestalt perception in visual quantification
J Bloechle, S Huber, E Klein, J Bahnmueller, K Moeller, J Rennig
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Free viewing of talking faces reveals mouth and eye preferring regions of the human superior temporal sulcus
J Rennig, MS Beauchamp
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Involvement of the TPJ area in processing of novel global forms
J Rennig, M Himmelbach, E Huberle, HO Karnath
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Face viewing behavior predicts multisensory gain during speech perception
J Rennig, K Wegner-Clemens, MS Beauchamp
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Hemifield coding in ventral object-sensitive areas–Evidence from visual hemiagnosia
J Rennig, HO Karnath, S Cornelsen, H Wilhelm, M Himmelbach
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Abnormal Center–Periphery Gradient in Spatial Attention in Simultanagnosia
D Balslev, B Odoj, J Rennig, HO Karnath
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26 (12), 2778-2788, 2014
Weak observer–level correlation and strong stimulus-level correlation between the McGurk effect and audiovisual speech-in-noise: A causal inference explanation
JF Magnotti, KB Dzeda, K Wegner-Clemens, J Rennig, MS Beauchamp
cortex 133, 371-383, 2020
Spatial arrangement and set size influence the coding of non-symbolic quantities in the intraparietal sulcus
J Bloechle, JF Huber, E Klein, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, K Moeller, ...
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Preserved expert object recognition in a case of visual hemiagnosia
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Using principal component analysis to characterize eye movement fixation patterns during face viewing
K Wegner-Clemens, J Rennig, JF Magnotti, MS Beauchamp
Journal of Vision 19 (13), 2-2, 2019
The role of size constancy for the integration of local elements into a global shape
J Rennig, HO Karnath, E Huberle
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7, 342, 2013
Reply:‘The anatomy underlying acute versus chronic spatial neglect’also depends on clinical tests
HO Karnath, J Rennig, L Johannsen, C Rorden
Brain 135 (2), e208-e208, 2012
Stimulus size mediates Gestalt processes in object perception-evidence from simultanagnosia
J Rennig, HO Karnath
Neuropsychologia 89, 66-73, 2016
Temporo-parietal brain regions are involved in higher order object perception
S Nestmann, HO Karnath, J Rennig
PERCEPTION 48, 168-168, 2019
Memory-guided reaching in a patient with visual hemiagnosia
S Cornelsen, J Rennig, M Himmelbach
Cortex 79, 32-41, 2016
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