Peter Dahl
Peter Dahl
Emeritus Professor of Geology, Kent State University
Потвърден имейл адрес: kent.edu
A crystal-chemical basis for Pb retention and fission-track annealing systematics in U-bearing minerals, with implications for geochronology
PS Dahl
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 150 (3-4), 277-290, 1997
The thermal–compositional dependence of Fe2+ –Mg distributions between coexisting garnet and pyroxene: applications to geothermometry
PS Dahl
American Mineralogist 65 (9-10), 852-866, 1980
The effects of composition on retentivity of argon and oxygen in hornblende and related amphiboles: A field-tested empirical model
PS Dahl
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 60 (19), 3687-3700, 1996
The crystal-chemical basis for Ar retention in micas: inferences from interlayer partitioning and implications for geochronology
PS Dahl
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 123, 22-39, 1996
Trace element and isotopic characterization of Neoarchean and Paleoproterozoic iron formations in the Black Hills (South Dakota, USA): assessment of chemical change during 2.9 …
R Frei, PS Dahl, EF Duke, KM Frei, TR Hansen, MM Frandsson, ...
Precambrian Research 162 (3-4), 441-474, 2008
New constraints on the timing of Early Proterozoic tectonism in the Black Hills (South Dakota), with implications for docking of the Wyoming province with Laurentia
PS Dahl, DK Holm, ET Gardner, FA Hubacher, KA Foland
Geological Society of America Bulletin 111 (9), 1335-1349, 1999
Comparative isotopic and chemical geochronometry of monazite, with implications for U-Th-Pb dating by electron microprobe: An example from metamorphic rocks of the eastern …
PS Dahl, MA Hamilton, MJ Jercinovic, MP Terry, ML Williams, R Frei
American Mineralogist 90 (4), 619-638, 2005
Proterozoic transpressive deformation in the northern marginal zone, Limpopo belt, Zimbabwe
BS Kamber, TG Blenkinsop, IM Villa, PS Dahl
The Journal of Geology 103 (5), 493-508, 1995
Electron probe (Ultrachron) microchronometry of metamorphic monazite: Unraveling the timing of polyphase thermotectonism in the easternmost Wyoming Craton (Black Hills, South …
PS Dahl, MP Terry, MJ Jercinovic, ML Williams, MA Hamilton, KA Foland, ...
American Mineralogist 90 (11-12), 1712-1728, 2005
New 207Pb–206Pb and 40Ar–39Ar ages from SW Montana, USA: constraints on the Proterozoic and Archaean tectonic and depositional history of the Wyoming Province
H Roberts, P Dahl, S Kelley, R Frei
Precambrian Research 117 (1-2), 119-143, 2002
2480 Ma mafic magmatism in the northern Black Hills, South Dakota: a new link connecting the Wyoming and Superior cratons
PS Dahl, MA Hamilton, JL Wooden, KA Foland, R Frei, JA McCombs, ...
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 43 (10), 1579-1600, 2006
Comparative geothermometry based on major-element and oxygen isotope distributions in Precambrian metamorphic rocks from southwestern Montana
PS Dahl
American Mineralogist 64 (11-12), 1280-1293, 1979
Step-leach Pb-Pb dating of inclusion-bearing garnet and staurolite, with implications for Early Proterozoic tectonism in the Black Hills collisional orogen, South Dakota …
PS Dahl, R Frei
Geology 26 (2), 111-114, 1998
40Ar/39Ar evidence for Middle Proterozoic (1300–1500 Ma) slow cooling of the southern Black Hills, South Dakota, midcontinent, North America: Implications for …
DK Holm, PS Dahl, DR Lux
Tectonics 16 (4), 609-622, 1997
Obtaining geologically meaningful 40Ar–39Ar ages from altered biotite
HJ Roberts, SP Kelley, PS Dahl
Chemical Geology 172 (3-4), 277-290, 2001
The systematics of trace-element partitioning between coexisting muscovite and biotite in metamorphic rocks from the Black Hills, South Dakota, USA
PS Dahl, DC Wehn, SG Feldmann
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 57 (11), 2487-2505, 1993
Lead-isotope and trace-element geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks in the Lead and Rochford basins (Black Hills, South Dakota, USA): Implications for genetic …
R Frei, PS Dahl, MM Frandsson, LA Jensen, TR Hansen, MP Terry, ...
Precambrian Research 172 (1-2), 1-24, 2009
U–Pb ages of Neoarchean granitoids from the Black Hills, South Dakota, USA: implications for crustal evolution in the Archean Wyoming province
JA McCombs, PS Dahl, MA Hamilton
Precambrian Research 130 (1-4), 161-184, 2004
Slow cooling and apparent tilting of the Adirondack Lowlands, Grenville Province, New York, based on^ 4^ 0Ar/^ 3^ 9Ar ages
PS Dahl, ME Pomfrey, KA Foland, RP Tollo
Summary of Precambrian metamorphic and structural history, Ruby Range, southwest Montana
LP Karasevich, JM Garihan, PS Dahl, AF Okuma
Montana Geological Society, 1981
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