Todor Gurov
Todor Gurov
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A new iterative Monte Carlo approach for inverse matrix problem
IT Dimov, TT Dimov, TV Gurov
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 92 (1), 15-35, 1998
An efficient backward Monte Carlo estimator for solving of a quantum-kinetic equation with memory kernel
TV Gurov, PA Whitlock
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 60 (1-2), 85-105, 2002
Monte Carlo algorithm for solving integral equations with polynomial non-linearity. Parallel implementation
I Dimov, T Gurov
Pliska Studia Mathematica Bulgarica 13 (1), 117p-132p, 2000
Femtosecond relaxation of hot electrons by phonon emission in presence of electric field
TV Gurov, M Nedjalkov, PA Whitlock, H Kosina, S Selberherr
Physica B: Condensed Matter 314 (1-4), 301-304, 2002
On the parallelization approaches for Intel MIC architecture
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova, S Ivanovska, M Durchova, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1773 (1), 070001, 2016
Tuning for scalability on hybrid HPC cluster
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova, S Ivanovska, M Durchova, ...
Mathematics in Industry, 64-77, 2014
Computational grid: structure and applications
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova
Journal Avtomatica i Informatica, 40-43, 2006
Statistical modeling of pulse excited electron quantum kinetics in a one-band semiconductor
M Nedjalkov, T Gurov, I Dimov
Mathematics and computers in simulation 47 (2-5), 391-402, 1998
Estimates of the computational complexity of iterative Monte Carlo algorithm based on Green's function approach
IT Dimov, TV Gurov
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 47 (2-5), 183-199, 1998
SALUTE application for quantum transport-new grid implementation scheme
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova
Proceedings of the Spanish Conference on e-Science Grid Computing, March 1-2 …, 2007
Big data techniques, systems, applications, and platforms: Case studies from academia
A Radenski, T Gurov, K Kaloyanova, N Kirov, M Nisheva, P Stanchev, ...
2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems …, 2016
Femtosecond evolution of spatially inhomogeneous carrier excitations part II: stochastic approach and grid implementation
T Gurov, E Atanassov, I Dimov, V Palankovski
Lecture notes in computer science 3743, 157, 2006
Femtosecond evolution of spatially inhomogeneous carrier excitations part I: kinetic approach
M Nedjalkov, T Gurov, H Kosina, D Vasileska, V Palankovski
Large-Scale Scientific Computing: 5th International Conference, LSSC 2005 …, 2006
Quasi-Monte Carlo integration on the grid for sensitivity studies
E Atanassov, A Karaivanova, T Gurov, S Ivanovska, M Durchova, ...
Earth Science Informatics 3, 289-296, 2010
A parallel Monte Carlo method for electron quantum kinetic equation
TV Gurov, IT Dimov
Large-Scale Scientific Computing: 4th International Conference, LSSC 2003 …, 2004
Statistical algorithms for simulation of electron quantum kinetics in semiconductors-part II
M Nedjalkov, TV Gurov, H Kosina, PA Whitlock
Large-Scale Scientific Computing: Third International Conference, LSSC 2001 …, 2001
Ultra-fast semiconductor carrier transport simulation on the grid
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova
Large-Scale Scientific Computing: 6th International Conference, LSSC 2007 …, 2008
Security issues of the combined usage of Grid and Cloud resources
E Atanassov, T Gurov, A Karaivanova
2012 Proceedings of the 35th International Convention MIPRO, 417-420, 2012
Monte Carlo methods for nonlinear equations
T Gurov
Advances in Nummerical Methods and Applications, 127-135, 1994
Parallel monte carlo on intel MIC architecture
E Atanassov, T Gurov, S Ivanovska, A Karaivanova
Procedia Computer Science 108, 1803-1810, 2017
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