Jason Holliday
Jason Holliday
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Adaptation, migration or extirpation: climate change outcomes for tree populations
SN Aitken, S Yeaman, JA Holliday, T Wang, S Curtis‐McLane
Evolutionary applications 1 (1), 95-111, 2008
Convergent local adaptation to climate in distantly related conifers
S Yeaman, KA Hodgins, KE Lotterhos, H Suren, S Nadeau, JC Degner, ...
Science 353 (6306), 1431-1433, 2016
Widespread, ecologically relevant genetic markers developed from association mapping of climate‐related traits in Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
JA Holliday, K Ritland, SN Aitken
New Phytologist 188 (2), 501-514, 2010
Global monitoring of autumn gene expression within and among phenotypically divergent populations of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
JA Holliday, SG Ralph, R White, J Bohlmann, SN Aitken
New Phytologist 178 (1), 103-122, 2008
Targeted enrichment of the black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) gene space using sequence capture
L Zhou, JA Holliday
BMC genomics 13 (1), 703, 2012
Evidence for extensive parallelism but divergent genomic architecture of adaptation along altitudinal and latitudinal gradients in Populus trichocarpa
JA Holliday, L Zhou, R Bawa, M Zhang, RW Oubida
New Phytologist 209 (3), 1240-1251, 2016
Predicting adaptive phenotypes from multilocus genotypes in Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) using random forest
JA Holliday, T Wang, S Aitken
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2 (9), 1085-1093, 2012
Postglacial history of a widespread conifer produces inverse clines in selective neutrality tests
JA Holliday, M Yuen, K Ritland, SN Aitken
Molecular Ecology 19 (18), 3857-3864, 2010
Exome capture from the spruce and pine giga‐genomes
H Suren, KA Hodgins, S Yeaman, KA Nurkowski, P Smets, LH Rieseberg, ...
Molecular ecology resources 16 (5), 1136-1146, 2016
Metabolic dynamics during autumn cold acclimation within and among populations of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
R Dauwe, JA Holliday, SN Aitken, SD Mansfield
New Phytologist 194 (1), 192-205, 2012
Divergent selection and heterogeneous migration rates across the range of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
JA Holliday, H Suren, SN Aitken
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1734), 1675-1683, 2012
Exome resequencing reveals signatures of demographic and adaptive processes across the genome and range of black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa)
L Zhou, R Bawa, JA Holliday
Molecular ecology 23 (10), 2486-2499, 2014
Advances in ecological genomics in forest trees and applications to genetic resources conservation and breeding
JA Holliday, SN Aitken, JEK Cooke, B Fady, SC González‐Martínez, ...
Molecular Ecology 26 (3), 706-717, 2017
Conservation and divergence of gene expression plasticity following c. 140 million years of evolution in lodgepole pine (P inus contorta) and interior spruce (P icea glauca× P …
S Yeaman, KA Hodgins, H Suren, KA Nurkowski, LH Rieseberg, ...
New Phytologist 203 (2), 578-591, 2014
Recombination rate variation, hitchhiking, and demographic history shape deleterious load in poplar
M Zhang, L Zhou, R Bawa, H Suren, JA Holliday
Molecular Biology and Evolution 33 (11), 2899-2910, 2016
Sequence diversity in coding regions of candidate genes in the glycoalkaloid biosynthetic pathway of wild potato species
NC Manrique-Carpintero, JG Tokuhisa, I Ginzberg, JA Holliday, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 3 (9), 1467-1479, 2013
Curtis-McLane S
SN Aitken, S Yeaman, JA Holliday, T Wang
Adaptation, migration or extirpation: climate change outcomes for tree …, 2008
Mining and visualization of microarray and metabolomic data reveal extensive cell wall remodeling during winter hardening in Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis)
R Grene, C Klumas, H Suren, K Yang, E Collakova, ES Myers, LS Heath, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 3, 241, 2012
Evidence for extensive heterotrophic metabolism, antioxidant action, and associated regulatory events during winter hardening in Sitka spruce
E Collakova, C Klumas, H Suren, E Myers, LS Heath, JA Holliday, ...
BMC plant biology 13 (1), 1-16, 2013
Exome Resequencing Reveals Evolutionary History, Genomic Diversity, and Targets of Selection in the Conifers Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii
JJ Acosta, AM Fahrenkrog, LG Neves, MFR Resende, C Dervinis, ...
Genome biology and evolution 11 (2), 508-520, 2019
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