Aririguzo Bernadine Ngozi (Nee Ndukwu)
Aririguzo Bernadine Ngozi (Nee Ndukwu)
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Soil quality and soil degradation as influenced by agricultural land use types in the humid environment
CM Ahukaemere, BN Ndukwu, LC Agim
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Potassium quantity-intensity relationship of fauna modified soils of Abia State
CM Ldigbor, DO Asawalam, EU Onweremadu, BN Ndukwu
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Vertical distribution of cadmium and lead on soils affected by metropolitan refuse disposal in Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria
EU Onweremadu, JU Amaechi, BN Ndukwu
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Evaluation of selected physical properties of soils as influenced by legumes and ProminoI®-P fertilization
EU Onweremadu, EE Ihem, S Onwudike, BN Ndukwu, CM Idigbor, ...
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Evaluation of the effects of selected agricultural land utilization typeson soil properties in Nando Southeastern Nigeria
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Forms and distribution of potassium in soils underlain by three lithologies in southeastern, Nigeria
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Variability in particle size distribution of soils as affected by crude oil spillage
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Properties of soils of contrasting lithosequences in South-eastern Nigeria
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Characterization and Classification of Soils of Egbema in Imo State Southeastern Nigeria
CM Ahukaemere, CI Obi, NJ Ndukwu, B.N and Nwamadi
FUTO Journal Series 2 (1), 41-47, 2015
Carbon and Nitrogen forms and sequestration in relation to Agricultural land use Types in a humid Agroecosystem.
CM Ahukaemere, FOR Akamigbo, EU Onweremadu, BN Ndukwu, ...
Journal of Global Biosciences 4 (3), 1655-1665, 2015
Nitrogen status of soils of selected land uses of two cropping systems in the humid Tropical Rainforest Southeastern Nigeria
BU Uzoho, II Ekpe, CM Ahukaemere, BN Ndukwu, NH Okoli, FA Osisi, ...
Advances in Life Science and Technology 25, 24-34, 2014
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Stock as Affected by Agricultural Wastes in a Typic Haplusult of Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria
SU Onwudike, BU Uzoho, BN Ndukwu, IU Opara, OC Anyamele
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distribution and concentration of cadmium in automobile polluted soils in owerri southeastern Nigeria
DNO B.N Ndukwu,E.U Onweremadu,C.M Ahukaemere,, E.E Ihem,U.N Nkwopara
Nigerian journal of Soil Science, 135-145, 2015
Spatial variability in the physico-chemical properties of soils affected by animal wastes in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
B Ndukwu, SU Onwudike, MC Idigbor, CE Ihejirika, KS Ewe
African Journal of Agricultural Research 8 (4), 373-379, 2013
Properties of soils in relation to soil Depth, Land use and landscape positions on soils of Ikeduru area of Imo State, Southeastern Nigeria.
NBNOOM Osujieke , D.N., Imadojemu, P.E.
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Variability of selected soils properties of a River Slope in Amaigbo Southeastern Nigeria
BN Ndukwu, EU Onweremadu, UN Nkwopara, CM Ahukaemere, EE Ihem, ...
FUTO Journal Series, 2015
Some physico-chemical characteristics of arable soils around selected oil exploration sites in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria
UN Nkwopara, JO Omeke, ET Eshett, E Ihem, BN Ndukwu, SN Obasi
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Seasonal dynamics of soil organic matter and total nitrogen in soils under different land uses in Owerri Southeastern Nigeria
LC Agim, GE Osuji, EU Onweremadu, BN Ndukwu, SK Osuaku
Agro-Science 11 (1), 43-54, 2012
Differences in carbon forms under two land use types in Abia State, Southeastern Nigeria
Ndukwu, B.N, Osujieke, D.N, Ahukaemere, C,M and Imadojemu
Agricultural Science and Technology 10 (3), 2018
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