Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Потвърден имейл адрес: chem.wisc.edu
Parallel reaction monitoring for high resolution and high mass accuracy quantitative, targeted proteomics
AC Peterson, JD Russell, DJ Bailey, MS Westphall, JJ Coon
Molecular & cellular proteomics 11 (11), 1475-1488, 2012
Calorie restriction and SIRT3 trigger global reprogramming of the mitochondrial protein acetylome
AS Hebert, KE Dittenhafer-Reed, W Yu, DJ Bailey, ES Selen, ...
Molecular cell 49 (1), 186-199, 2013
The one hour yeast proteome
AS Hebert, AL Richards, DJ Bailey, A Ulbrich, EE Coughlin, MS Westphall, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13 (1), 339-347, 2014
Proteomic and phosphoproteomic comparison of human ES and iPS cells
DH Phanstiel, J Brumbaugh, CD Wenger, S Tian, MD Probasco, DJ Bailey, ...
Nature methods 8 (10), 821-827, 2011
Comprehensive single-shot proteomics with FAIMS on a hybrid orbitrap mass spectrometer
AS Hebert, S Prasad, MW Belford, DJ Bailey, GC McAlister, SE Abbatiello, ...
Analytical Chemistry 90 (15), 9529-9537, 2018
Building ProteomeTools based on a complete synthetic human proteome
DP Zolg, M Wilhelm, K Schnatbaum, J Zerweck, T Knaute, B Delanghe, ...
Nature methods 14 (3), 259-262, 2017
Neutron-encoded mass signatures for multiplexed proteome quantification
AS Hebert, AE Merrill, DJ Bailey, AJ Still, MS Westphall, ER Strieter, ...
Nature methods 10 (4), 332-334, 2013
Full-featured, real-time database searching platform enables fast and accurate multiplexed quantitative proteomics
DK Schweppe, JK Eng, Q Yu, D Bailey, R Rad, J Navarrete-Perea, ...
Journal of proteome research 19 (5), 2026-2034, 2020
COMPASS: A suite of pre‐and post‐search proteomics software tools for OMSSA
CD Wenger, DH Phanstiel, MV Lee, DJ Bailey, JJ Coon
Proteomics 11 (6), 1064-1074, 2011
A quantitative map of the liver mitochondrial phosphoproteome reveals posttranslational control of ketogenesis
PA Grimsrud, JJ Carson, AS Hebert, SL Hubler, NM Niemi, DJ Bailey, ...
Cell metabolism 16 (5), 672-683, 2012
Characterization and optimization of multiplexed quantitative analyses using high-field asymmetric-waveform ion mobility mass spectrometry
DK Schweppe, S Prasad, MW Belford, J Navarrete-Perea, DJ Bailey, ...
Analytical chemistry 91 (6), 4010-4016, 2019
One-hour proteome analysis in yeast
AL Richards, AS Hebert, A Ulbrich, DJ Bailey, EE Coughlin, MS Westphall, ...
Nature protocols 10 (5), 701-714, 2015
Rapid phosphoproteomic and transcriptomic changes in the rhizobia-legume symbiosis
CM Rose, M Venkateshwaran, JD Volkening, PA Grimsrud, J Maeda, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11 (9), 724-744, 2012
A novel differential ion mobility device expands the depth of proteome coverage and the sensitivity of multiplex proteomic measurements
S Pfammatter, E Bonneil, FP McManus, S Prasad, DJ Bailey, M Belford, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 17 (10), 2051-2067, 2018
NeuCode labels for relative protein quantification
AE Merrill, AS Hebert, ME MacGilvray, CM Rose, DJ Bailey, JC Bradley, ...
Molecular & cellular proteomics 13 (9), 2503-2512, 2014
Amine-reactive neutron-encoded labels for highly plexed proteomic quantitation
AS Hebert, AE Merrill, JA Stefely, DJ Bailey, CD Wenger, MS Westphall, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 12 (11), 3360-3369, 2013
Statin cost-effectiveness in the United States for people at different vascular risk levels
Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group
Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 2 (2), 65-72, 2009
The negative mode proteome with activated ion negative electron transfer dissociation (AI-NETD)
NM Riley, RM JP, CM Rose, AL Richards, NW Kwiecien, DJ Bailey, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 14 (10), 2644-2660, 2015
Instant spectral assignment for advanced decision tree-driven mass spectrometry
DJ Bailey, CM Rose, GC McAlister, J Brumbaugh, P Yu, CD Wenger, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (22), 8411-8416, 2012
Neutron encoded labeling for peptide identification
CM Rose, AE Merrill, DJ Bailey, AS Hebert, MS Westphall, JJ Coon
Analytical chemistry 85 (10), 5129-5137, 2013
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