Katharina B. Budde
Katharina B. Budde
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Comparative phylogeography of African rain forest trees: A review of genetic signatures of vegetation history in the Guineo-Congolian region
OJ Hardy, C Born, K Budde, K Daïnou, G Dauby, J Duminil, EEBK Ewédjé, ...
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 345 (7-8), 284-296, 2013
In situ genetic association for serotiny, a fire‐related trait, in Mediterranean maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)
KB Budde, M Heuertz, A Hernández‐Serrano, JG Pausas, GG Vendramin, ...
New Phytologist 201 (1), 230-241, 2014
The ancient tropical rainforest tree Symphonia globulifera L. f.(Clusiaceae) was not restricted to postulated Pleistocene refugia in Atlantic Equatorial Africa
KB Budde, SC González-Martínez, OJ Hardy, M Heuertz
Heredity 111 (1), 66-76, 2013
Wide spread invasion without sexual reproduction? A case study on European willows in Patagonia, Argentina
KB Budde, L Gallo, P Marchelli, E Mosner, S Liepelt, B Ziegenhagen, ...
Biological Invasions 13 (1), 45-54, 2011
The natural evolutionary potential of tree populations to cope with newly introduced pests and pathogens—lessons learned from forest health catastrophes in recent decades
KB Budde, LR Nielsen, HP Ravn, ED Kjær
Current Forestry Reports 2 (1), 18-29, 2016
Fifty years of genetic studies: what to make of the large amounts of variation found within populations?
I Scotti, SC González-Martínez, KB Budde, H Lalagüe
Annals of forest science 73 (1), 69-75, 2016
Nuclear microsatellites for Pinus pinea (Pinaceae), a genetically depauperate tree, and their transferability to P. halepensis
F Pinzauti, F Sebastiani, KB Budde, B Fady, SC González‐Martínez, ...
American journal of botany 99 (9), e362-e365, 2012
Altitudinal gradients, biogeographic history and microhabitat adaptation affect fine-scale spatial genetic structure in African and Neotropical populations of an ancient …
P Torroba-Balmori, KB Budde, K Heer, SC Gonzalez-Martinez, S Olsson, ...
PloS one 12 (8), e0182515, 2017
Increased fire frequency promotes stronger spatial genetic structure and natural selection at regional and local scales in Pinus halepensis Mill
KB Budde, SC González-Martínez, M Navascués, C Burgarella, E Mosca, ...
Annals of botany 119 (6), 1061-1072, 2017
Biogeography and evolution of seeder and resprouter forms of Erica coccinea (Ericaceae) in the fire-prone Cape fynbos
F Ojeda, KB Budde, M Heuertz, JG Segarra-Moragues, ...
Plant Ecology 217 (6), 751-761, 2016
Environmental effects on fine‐scale spatial genetic structure in four Alpine keystone forest tree species
E Mosca, EA Di Pierro, KB Budde, DB Neale, SC González‐Martínez
Molecular Ecology 27 (3), 647-658, 2018
Hyrcanian forests—Stable rear‐edge populations harbouring high genetic diversity of Fraxinus excelsior, a common European tree species
EO Erichsen, KB Budde, K Sagheb‐Talebi, F Bagnoli, GG Vendramin, ...
Diversity and Distributions, 2018
Do silver fir woolly adelgids (Dreyfusia nordmannianae) facilitate pathogen infestation with Neonectria neomacrospora on Christmas trees (Abies nordmanniana)?
J Xu, KB Budde, OK Hansen, IM Thomsen, HP Ravn, UB Nielsen
Forest Ecology and Management 424, 396–405, 2018
Genetic structure of forest trees in biodiversity hotspots at different spatial scales
KB Budde
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2014
Phenology and pollination biology of Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae) in the wet forest of south-eastern Costa Rica
J Rojas-Sandoval, K Budde, M Fernández, E Chacón, M Quesada, ...
Stapfia 88, 539-545, 2008
The hyperdominant tropical tree Eschweilera coriacea (Lecythidaceae) shows higher genetic heterogeneity than sympatric Eschweilera species in French Guiana
M Heuertz, H Caron, C Scotti-Saintagne, P Pétronelli, J Engel, N Tysklind, ...
Plant Ecology and Evolution 153 (1), 67-81, 2020
Genetic basis of susceptibility to Diplodia sapinea and Armillaria ostoyae in maritime pine
A Hurel, M de Miguel, C Dutech, ML Desprez-Loustau, C Plomion, ...
bioRxiv, 699389, 2019
Species delimitation, hybridization and species habitat associations in the genus Symphonia (Clusiacea) on Madagascar
KB Budde, S Olsson, P Torroba-Balmori, SC González-Martínez, ...
European Conference of Tropical Ecology (GTOE2018), 393, 2018
Species delimitation, hybridization and species habitat associations in the genus Symphonia (Clusiacea) on Madagascar
M Heuertz, S Olsson, KB Budde, P Torroba-Balmori, ...
21. AETFAT Congress, 2017
Hybridization and species delimitation of Symphonia (Clusiaceaea) in Madagascar
S Olsson, KB Budde, P Torroba-Balmori, S Rakotonandrasana, ...
Meeting of the German Society for Tropical Ecology (GTOE2017), 2017
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