Hamed Sanei
Hamed Sanei
Professor & Research Chair, Lithospheric Organic Carbon (LOC), Department of Geoscience, Aarhus
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Petrophysical and geomechanical characteristics of Canadian tight oil and liquid-rich gas reservoirs
A Ghanizadeh, S Aquino, CR Clarkson, O Haeri-Ardakani, H Sanei
SPE Canada Unconventional Resources Conference?, D031S011R005, 2014
Latest Permian mercury anomalies
H Sanei, SE Grasby, B Beauchamp
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Catastrophic dispersion of coal fly ash into oceans during the latest Permian extinction: Nature Geoscience, v. 4
SE Grasby, H Sanei, B Beauchamp
doi 10, 104-107, 2011
Evidence for control of mercury accumulation rates in Canadian High Arctic lake sediments by variations of aquatic primary productivity
Outridge, H Sanei, F Goodarzi
Environmental science & technology 41 (15), 5259-5265, 2007
Assessment of elements, speciation of As, Cr, Ni and emitted Hg for a Canadian power plant burning bituminous coal
F Goodarzi, FE Huggins, H Sanei
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Recurrent early triassic ocean anoxia
SE Grasby, B Beauchamp, A Embry, H Sanei
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Mercury anomalies associated with three extinction events (Capitanian crisis, latest Permian extinction and the Smithian/Spathian extinction) in NW Pangea
SE Grasby, B Beauchamp, DPG Bond, PB Wignall, H Sanei
Geological magazine 153 (2), 285-297, 2016
Increasing contaminant burdens in an Arctic fish, burbot (Lota lota), in a warming climate
J Carrie, F Wang, H Sanei, RW Macdonald, PM Outridge, GA Stern
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Mercury deposition through the Permo–Triassic biotic crisis
SE Grasby, H Sanei, B Beauchamp, Z Chen
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Standardisation of Rock–Eval pyrolysis for the analysis of recent sediments and soils
J Carrie, H Sanei, G Stern
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Characterization of organic matter fractions in an unconventional tight gas siltstone reservoir
H Sanei, JM Wood, OH Ardakani, CR Clarkson, C Jiang
International Journal of Coal Geology 150, 296-305, 2015
Solid bitumen as a determinant of reservoir quality in an unconventional tight gas siltstone play
JM Wood, H Sanei, ME Curtis, CR Clarkson
International Journal of Coal Geology 150, 287-295, 2015
Relationship between organic matter and mercury in recent lake sediment: the physical–geochemical aspects
H Sanei, F Goodarzi
Applied Geochemistry 21 (11), 1900-1912, 2006
Wettability of the Montney tight gas formation
Q Lan, H Dehghanpour, J Wood, H Sanei
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 18 (03), 417-431, 2015
A comparison of shale permeability coefficients derived using multiple non-steady-state measurement techniques: Examples from the Duvernay Formation, Alberta (Canada)
A Ghanizadeh, S Bhowmik, O Haeri-Ardakani, H Sanei, CR Clarkson
Fuel 140, 371-387, 2015
The microbial community of a passive biochemical reactor treating arsenic, zinc, and sulfate-rich seepage
SA Baldwin, M Khoshnoodi, M Rezadehbashi, M Taupp, S Hallam, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 3, 27, 2015
Volcanic mercury and mutagenesis in land plants during the end-Triassic mass extinction
S Lindström, H Sanei, B Van De Schootbrugge, GK Pedersen, CE Lesher, ...
Science Advances 5 (10), eaaw4018, 2019
Evaluating biodegradability of soil organic matter by its thermal stability and chemical composition
EG Gregorich, AW Gillespie, MH Beare, D Curtin, H Sanei, SF Yanni
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 91, 182-191, 2015
Petrological changes occurring in organic matter from recent lacustrine sediments during thermal alteration by Rock-Eval pyrolysis
H Sanei, LD Stasiuk, F Goodarzi
Organic Geochemistry 36 (8), 1190-1203, 2005
Historical interrelated variations of mercury and aquatic organic matter in lake sediment cores from a subarctic lake in Yukon, Canada: further evidence toward the algal …
GA Stern, H Sanei, P Roach, J Delaronde, PM Outridge
Environmental science & technology 43 (20), 7684-7690, 2009
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