Xavier Fain
Xavier Fain
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Bromine-induced oxidation of mercury in the mid-latitude atmosphere
D Obrist, E Tas, M Peleg, V Matveev, X Faïn, D Asaf, M Luria
Nature Geoscience 4 (1), 22-26, 2011
Preindustrial 14 CH 4 indicates greater anthropogenic fossil CH 4 emissions
B Hmiel, VV Petrenko, MN Dyonisius, C Buizert, AM Smith, PF Place, ...
Nature 578 (7795), 409-412, 2020
Mercury in the atmosphere, snow and melt water ponds in the North Atlantic Ocean during Arctic summer
K Aspmo, C Temme, T Berg, C Ferrari, PA Gauchard, X Fain, G Wibetoe
Environmental science & technology 40 (13), 4083-4089, 2006
High levels of reactive gaseous mercury observed at a high elevation research laboratory in the Rocky Mountains
X Faïn, D Obrist, AG Hallar, I Mccubbin, T Rahn
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9 (20), 8049-8060, 2009
Deposition of mercury species in the Ny-Ålesund area (79 N) and their transfer during snowmelt
A Dommergue, C Larose, X Faïn, O Clarisse, D Foucher, H Hintelmann, ...
Environmental science & technology 44 (3), 901-907, 2010
Refractory black carbon mass concentrations in snow and ice: method evaluation and inter-comparison with elemental carbon measurement
S Lim, X Faïn, M Zanatta, J Cozic, JL Jaffrezo, P Ginot, P Laj
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 7 (10), 3307-3324, 2014
Continuous methane measurements from a late Holocene Greenland ice core: Atmospheric and in-situ signals
RH Rhodes, X Faïn, C Stowasser, T Blunier, J Chappellaz, JR McConnell, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 368, 9-19, 2013
Atmospheric mercury depletion event study in Ny-Alesund (Svalbard) in spring 2005. Deposition and transformation of Hg in surface snow during springtime
CP Ferrari, C Padova, X Faïn, PA Gauchard, A Dommergue, K Aspmo, ...
Science of the Total Environment 397 (1-3), 167-177, 2008
Minimal geological methane emissions during the Younger Dryas–Preboreal abrupt warming event
VV Petrenko, AM Smith, H Schaefer, K Riedel, E Brook, D Baggenstos, ...
Nature 548 (7668), 443-446, 2017
Water-soluble organic carbon in snow and ice deposited at Alpine, Greenland, and Antarctic sites: a critical review of available data and their atmospheric relevance
M Legrand, S Preunkert, B Jourdain, J Guilhermet, I Alekhina, JR Petit
Climate of the Past 9 (5), 2195-2211, 2013
Diurnal production of gaseous mercury in the alpine snowpack before snowmelt
X Faïn, S Grangeon, E Bahlmann, J Fritsche, D Obrist, A Dommergue, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 112 (D21), 2007
Polar firn air reveals large-scale impact of anthropogenic mercury emissions during the 1970s
X Faïn, CP Ferrari, A Dommergue, MR Albert, M Battle, J Severinghaus, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (38), 16114-16119, 2009
Mercury in the snow and firn at Summit Station, Central Greenland, and implications for the study of past atmospheric mercury levels
X Faïn, CP Ferrari, A Dommergue, M Albert, M Battle, L Arnaud, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (13), 3441-3457, 2008
Continuous measurements of methane mixing ratios from ice cores
C Stowasser, C Buizert, V Gkinis, J Chappellaz, S Schüpbach, M Bigler, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5 (5), 999-1013, 2012
High-resolution glacial and deglacial record of atmospheric methane by continuous-flow and laser spectrometer analysis along the NEEM ice core
J Chappellaz, C Stowasser, T Blunier, D Baslev-Clausen, EJ Brook, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (6), 2579-2593, 2013
Toward real-time measurement of atmospheric mercury concentrations using cavity ring-down spectroscopy
X Faïn, H Moosmüller, D Obrist
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10 (6), 2879-2892, 2010
Gaseous elemental mercury emissions and CO2 respiration rates in terrestrial soils under controlled aerobic and anaerobic laboratory conditions
D Obrist, X Faïn, C Berger
Science of the total environment 408 (7), 1691-1700, 2010
Investigation of a deep ice core from the Elbrus western plateau, the Caucasus, Russia
V Mikhalenko, S Sokratov, S Kutuzov, P Ginot, M Legrand, S Preunkert, ...
The Cryosphere 9 (6), 2253-2270, 2015
Negative magnetoresistance in Fe 3 O 4∕ Au∕ Fe spin valves
S van Dijken, X Fain, SM Watts, JMD Coey
Physical Review B 70 (5), 052409, 2004
Analytical constraints on layered gas trapping and smoothing of atmospheric variability in ice under low-accumulation conditions
K Fourteau, X Faïn, P Martinerie, A Landais, AA Ekaykin, VY Lipenkov, ...
Climate of the Past 13 (12), 1815-1830, 2017
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