América Paz Durán
América Paz Durán
Research Associate, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity
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Six modes of co-production for sustainability
JM Chambers, C Wyborn, ME Ryan, RS Reid, M Riechers, A Serban, ...
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Global spatial coincidence between protected areas and metal mining activities
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Representation of ecosystem services by terrestrial protected areas: Chile as a case study
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Latitudinal and altitudinal patterns of the endemic cacti from the Atacama desert to Mediterranean Chile
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Mammalian ranges are experiencing erosion of natural darkness
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Exclusion of agricultural lands in spatial conservation prioritization strategies: consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem service representation
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R Correa, R Eraso, R Montes, I Sánchez, I Mendieta, A Durán, L Parra, ...
Global gap analysis of cactus species and priority sites for their conservation
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Species richness representation within protected areas is associated with multiple interacting spatial features
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Estimating the potential for conservation and farming in the Amazon and Cerrado under four policy scenarios
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The environmental impacts of palm oil and its alternatives
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Ten‐year assessment of the 100 priority questions for global biodiversity conservation
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Seeing Chile's forest for the tree plantations
AP Durán, O Barbosa
Science 365 (6460), 1388-1388, 2019
Bringing the Nature Futures Framework to life: creating a set of illustrative narratives of nature futures
AP Durán, JJ Kuiper, APD Aguiar, WWL Cheung, MC Diaw, G Halouani, ...
Sustainability Science, 1-20, 2023
Research priorities for maintaining biodiversity’s contributions to people in Latin America
RG Pearson, E Martínez-Meyer, MA Velázquez, M Caron, ...
UCL Open Environment 1, 2019
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