Vittorio Mérola
Vittorio Mérola
Assistant Professor, Durham University
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Not just asking questions: Effects of implicit and explicit conspiracy information about vaccines and genetic modification
B Lyons, V Merola, J Reifler
Health communication 34 (14), 1741-1750, 2019
How politics shape views toward fact-checking: Evidence from six European countries
B Lyons, V Mérola, J Reifler, F Stoeckel
The International Journal of Press/Politics 25 (3), 469-492, 2020
Numeracy and the persuasive effect of policy information and party cues
V Mérola, MP Hitt
Public Opinion Quarterly 80 (2), 554-562, 2016
Employment Insecurity, Incumbent Partisanship, and Voting Behavior in Comparative Perspective
AF Helgason, V Mérola
Comparative Political Studies 50 (11), 1489-1523, 2017
Are we in the same boat or not? The opposite effects of absolute and relative income shifts on redistributive preferences
V Mérola, AF Helgason
The Journal of Politics 78 (4), 1107-1123, 2016
Shifting medical guidelines: Compliance and spillover effects for revised antibiotic recommendations
BA Lyons, V Merola, J Reifler
Social Science & Medicine 255, 112943, 2020
The psychology of authoritarianism and support for illiberal policies and parties
S Feldman, V Mérola, J Dollman
Routledge handbook of illiberalism, 635-654, 2021
Which vaccine attributes foster vaccine uptake? A cross-country conjoint experiment
S Stöckli, AK Spälti, J Phillips, F Stocekel, M Barnfield, J Thompson, ...
PLOS ONE 17 (5), e0266003, 2022
When Poor Students Attend Rich Schools: Do Affluent Social Environments Increase or Decrease Participation?
T Mendelberg, V Mérola, T Raychaudhuri, A Thal
Perspectives on Politics 19 (3), 807-823, 2021
Stamping the vaccine passport? Public support for lifting COVID-19 related restrictions for vaccinated citizens in France, Germany, and Sweden
F Stoeckel, S Stöckli, J Phillips, B Lyons, V Mérola, M Barnfield, ...
Vaccine 40 (38), 5615-5620, 2022
Partisanship and public opinion of COVID-19: does emphasizing Trump and his administration’s response to the pandemic affect public opinion about the coronavirus?
AK Spälti, B Lyons, V Mérola, J Reifler, C Stedtnitz, F Stoeckel, ...
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 31 (S1), 145-154, 2021
Partisanship and anti-elite worldviews as correlates of science and health beliefs in the multi-party system of Spain
AK Spälti, B Lyons, F Stoeckel, S Stöckli, P Szewach, V Mérola, C Stednitz, ...
Public Understanding of Science, 09636625231154131, 2023
Public perceptions and misperceptions of political authority in the European Union
F Stoeckel, V Mérola, J Thompson, B Lyons, J Reifler
European Union Politics 25 (1), 42-62, 2024
When experts matter: Variations in consensus messaging for vaccine and genetically modified organism safety
BA Lyons, V Mérola, J Reifler, AK Spälti, C Stedtnitz, F Stoeckel
Public Understanding of Science 33 (2), 210-226, 2024
The impact of real world information shocks on political attitudes: Evidence from the Panama Papers disclosures
AF Helgason, V Mérola
Research & Politics 9 (4), 20531680221136089, 2022
Essays on Economic Inequality and Public Opinion
VE Merola
The Ohio State University, 2016
Economic Inequality and Demand for Redistribution in Latin America: What Kind of Inequality Matters?
V Merola
APSA 2012 Annual Meeting Paper, 2012
Supplemental material for When Experts Matter
BA Lyons, V Mérola, J Reifler, AK Spälti, C Stednitz, F Stoeckel
Correlates of support for international vaccine solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic: Cross-sectional survey evidence from Germany
F Stoeckel, J Thompson, P Szewach, S Stöckli, M Barnfield, JB Phillips, ...
Plos one 18 (6), e0287257, 2023
Vaccine attributes and vaccine uptake in Hungary: evidence from a conjoint experiment
J Thompson, S Stöckli, AK Spälti, J Phillips, F Stoeckel, M Barnfield, ...
European Journal of Public Health 33 (3), 476-481, 2023
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