Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics, Nottingham Trent University
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Comparison of biomechanical characteristics between male and female elite fast bowlers
PJ Felton, SL Lister, PJ Worthington, MA King
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PJ Felton
Loughborough University, 2014
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PJ Felton, MR Yeadon, MA King
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Modelling transtibial prostheses for simulation
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Determinants of boat velocity during a 200 m race in elite paralympic sprint kayakers
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Optimising individual performance in cricket fast bowling
P Felton, M King
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Factors influencing sports science students’ elective biomechanics enrolment decisions
PJ Felton
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Impact on habitual crossfit participant's exercise behavior, health, and well‐being: A cross‐sectional survey of UK COVID‐19 lockdowns
A Redwood‐Brown, J Wilson, P Felton
Health Science Reports 6 (3), e1140, 2023
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