Francesca Cordero
Francesca Cordero
Researcher, University of Torino, Italy
Потвърден имейл адрес: di.unito.it
Wisdom of crowds for robust gene network inference
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oneChannelGUI: a graphical interface to Bioconductor tools, designed for life scientists who are not familiar with R language
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State-of-the-art fusion-finder algorithms sensitivity and specificity
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Microarray data analysis and mining approaches
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Reproducible bioinformatics project: a community for reproducible bioinformatics analysis pipelines
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State of art fusion-finder algorithms are suitable to detect transcription-induced chimeras in normal tissues?
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microRNA profiles in urine by next-generation sequencing can stratify bladder cancer subtypes
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Small non-coding RNA profiling in human biofluids and surrogate tissues from healthy individuals: description of the diverse and most represented species
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Altered fecal small RNA profiles in colorectal cancer reflect gut microbiome composition in stool samples
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Luminal long non-coding RNAs regulated by estrogen receptor alpha in a ligand-independent manner show functional roles in breast cancer
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Mutant SOD1 and mitochondrial damage alter expression and splicing of genes controlling neuritogenesis in models of neurodegeneration
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Stool microRNA profiles reflect different dietary and gut microbiome patterns in healthy individuals
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Inflammation and breast cancer. Inflammatory component of mammary carcinogenesis in ErbB2 transgenic mice
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Sequencing of 15 622 gene‐bearing BAC s clarifies the gene‐dense regions of the barley genome
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An integrated approach of immunogenomics and bioinformatics to identify new Tumor Associated Antigens (TAA) for mammary cancer immunological prevention
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BMC bioinformatics 6, 1-9, 2005
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