Masato Yamamichi
Masato Yamamichi
National Institute of Genetics / SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
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Core microbiomes for sustainable agroecosystems
H Toju, KG Peay, M Yamamichi, K Narisawa, K Hiruma, K Naito, S Fukuda, ...
Nature Plants 4 (5), 247-257, 2018
Toward an integration of evolutionary biology and ecosystem science
B Matthews, A Narwani, S Hausch, E Nonaka, H Peter, M Yamamichi, ...
Ecology Letters 14 (7), 690-701, 2011
Species-rich networks and eco-evolutionary synthesis at the metacommunity level
H Toju, M Yamamichi, PR Guimarães Jr, JM Olesen, A Mougi, T Yoshida, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1 (2), 0024, 2017
Comparing the effects of rapid evolution and phenotypic plasticity on predator-prey dynamics
M Yamamichi, T Yoshida, A Sasaki
The American Naturalist 178 (3), 287-304, 2011
Form of an evolutionary tradeoff affects eco-evolutionary dynamics in a predator–prey system
M Kasada, M Yamamichi, T Yoshida
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (45), 16035-16040, 2014
When rarity has costs: coexistence under positive frequency-dependence and environmental stochasticity
SJ Schreiber, M Yamamichi, SY Strauss
Ecology 100 (7), e02664, 2019
Searching for prey in a three‐dimensional environment: hierarchical movements enhance foraging success in northern elephant seals
T Adachi, DP Costa, PW Robinson, SH Peterson, M Yamamichi, Y Naito, ...
Functional Ecology 31 (2), 361-369, 2017
Estimating the migration rate from genetic variation data
M Yamamichi, H Innan
Heredity 108 (4), 362-363, 2012
Linking structure and function in food webs: maximization of different ecological functions generates distinct food‐web structures
JDL Yen, RB Cabral, M Cantor, I Hatton, S Kortsch, J Patrício, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (2), 537-547, 2016
Indirect evolutionary rescue: prey adapts, predator avoids extinction
M Yamamichi, BE Miner
Evolutionary Applications 8 (8), 787-795, 2015
Rapid evolution of a consumer stoichiometric trait destabilizes consumer–producer dynamics
M Yamamichi, CL Meunier, A Peace, C Prater, MA Rúa
Oikos 124 (7), 960-969, 2015
Modelling inducible defences in predator–prey interactions: assumptions and dynamical consequences of three distinct approaches
M Yamamichi, T Klauschies, BE Miner, E van Velzen
Ecology Letters 22 (2), 390-404, 2019
Nestling polymorphism in a cuckoo-host system
NJ Sato, KD Tanaka, Y Okahisa, M Yamamichi, R Kuehn, R Gula, K Ueda, ...
Current Biology 25 (24), R1164-R1165, 2015
An autosomal analysis gives no genetic evidence for complex speciation of humans and chimpanzees
M Yamamichi, J Gojobori, H Innan
Molecular Biology and Evolution 29 (1), 145-156, 2012
Intraspecific adaptation load: a mechanism for species coexistence
M Yamamichi, D Kyogoku, R Iritani, K Kobayashi, Y Takahashi, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35 (10), 897-907, 2020
Rapid evolution promotes fluctuation‐dependent species coexistence
M Yamamichi, AD Letten
Ecology Letters 24 (4), 812-818, 2021
Antagonistic coevolution between quantitative and Mendelian traits
M Yamamichi, SP Ellner
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1827), 20152926, 2016
Timing and propagule size of invasion determine its success by a time-varying threshold of demographic regime shift
M Yamamichi, T Yoshida, A Sasaki
Ecology 95 (8), 2303-2315, 2014
A shady phytoplankton paradox: when phytoplankton increases under low light
M Yamamichi, T Kazama, K Tokita, I Katano, H Doi, T Yoshida, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1882), 20181067, 2018
Roles of maternal effects in maintaining genetic variation: Maternal storage effect
M Yamamichi, M Hoso
Evolution 71 (2), 449-457, 2017
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