Erik L. Brincks
Erik L. Brincks
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CD8 T cells utilize TRAIL to control influenza virus infection
EL Brincks, A Katewa, TA Kucaba, TS Griffith, KL Legge
The Journal of Immunology 181 (7), 4918-4925, 2008
Cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein cIAP2 protects against pulmonary tissue necrosis during influenza virus infection to promote host survival
IG Rodrigue-Gervais, K Labbé, M Dagenais, J Dupaul-Chicoine, ...
Cell host & microbe 15 (1), 23-35, 2014
Antigen-specific memory regulatory CD4+ Foxp3+ T cells control memory responses to influenza virus infection
EL Brincks, AD Roberts, T Cookenham, S Sell, JE Kohlmeier, ...
The Journal of Immunology 190 (7), 3438-3446, 2013
Inflammatory chemokine receptors regulate CD8+ T cell contraction and memory generation following infection
JE Kohlmeier, WW Reiley, G Perona-Wright, ML Freeman, EJ Yager, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 208 (8), 1621-1634, 2011
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) exerts therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia in mice
K Steinwede, S Henken, J Bohling, R Maus, B Ueberberg, C Brumshagen, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 209 (11), 1937-1952, 2012
TRAIL gene therapy: from preclinical development to clinical application
TS Griffith, B Stokes, TA Kucaba, JK Earel Jr, RL VanOosten, EL Brincks, ...
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Alterations in antigen-specific naive CD4 T cell precursors after sepsis impairs their responsiveness to pathogen challenge
J Cabrera-Perez, SA Condotta, BR James, SW Kashem, EL Brincks, ...
The Journal of Immunology 194 (4), 1609-1620, 2015
Cutting edge: elevated leptin during diet-induced obesity reduces the efficacy of tumor immunotherapy
KA Murphy, BR James, FV Sjaastad, TA Kucaba, H Kim, EL Brincks, ...
The Journal of Immunology 201 (7), 1837-1841, 2018
Phase II trial of the IDO pathway inhibitor indoximod plus pembrolizumab for the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma
Y Zakharia, RR McWilliams, O Rixe, J Drabick, MF Shaheen, ...
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 9 (6), 2021
PMN and anti-tumor immunity—the case of bladder cancer immunotherapy
EL Brincks, MC Risk, TS Griffith
Seminars in cancer biology 23 (3), 183-189, 2013
The magnitude of the T cell response to a clinically significant dose of influenza virus is regulated by TRAIL
EL Brincks, P Gurung, RA Langlois, EA Hemann, KL Legge, TS Griffith
The Journal of Immunology 187 (9), 4581-4588, 2011
Influenza-induced expression of functional tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
EL Brincks, TA Kucaba, KL Legge, TS Griffith
Human immunology 69 (10), 634-646, 2008
CpG-mediated modulation of MDSC contributes to the efficacy of Ad5-TRAIL therapy against renal cell carcinoma
BR James, KG Anderson, EL Brincks, TA Kucaba, LA Norian, D Masopust, ...
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 63, 1213-1227, 2014
Novel roles for IL-15 in T cell survival
EL Brincks, DL Woodland
F1000 biology reports 2, 2010
Improved anti-tumor immunity and efficacy upon combination of the IDO1 inhibitor GDC-0919 with anti-PD-l1 blockade versus anti-PD-l1 alone in preclinical tumor models
J Spahn, J Peng, E Lorenzana, D Kan, T Hunsaker, E Segal, M Mautino, ...
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 3, 1-1, 2015
Discovery of indoximod prodrugs and characterization of clinical candidate NLG802
S Kumar, FA Jaipuri, JP Waldo, H Potturi, A Marcinowicz, J Adams, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 198, 112373, 2020
Indoximod opposes the immunosuppressive effects mediated by IDO and TDO via modulation of AhR function and activation of mTORC1
EL Brincks, J Adams, L Wang, B Turner, A Marcinowicz, J Ke, M Essmann, ...
Oncotarget 11 (25), 2438, 2020
Effective TRAIL-based immunotherapy requires both plasmacytoid and CD8α dendritic cells
BR James, EL Brincks, TA Kucaba, L Boon, TS Griffith
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 63, 685-697, 2014
Systemic immunological tolerance to ocular antigens is mediated by TRAIL-expressing CD8+ T cells
TS Griffith, EL Brincks, P Gurung, TA Kucaba, TA Ferguson
The Journal of Immunology 186 (2), 791-798, 2011
A novel prodrug of indoximod with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties
MR Mautino, S Kumar, H Zhuang, J Waldo, F Jaipuri, H Potturi, E Brincks, ...
Cancer Research 77 (13_Supplement), 4076-4076, 2017
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