Samia Khoury
Samia Khoury
Professor of Neurology, American University of Beirut & visiting professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Потвърден имейл адрес: aub.edu.lb
The Tim-3 ligand galectin-9 negatively regulates T helper type 1 immunity
C Zhu, AC Anderson, A Schubart, H Xiong, J Imitola, SJ Khoury, ...
Nature immunology 6 (12), 1245-1252, 2005
IL-4 inhibits TGF-β-induced Foxp3+ T cells and, together with TGF-β, generates IL-9+ IL-10+ Foxp3 effector T cells
V Dardalhon, A Awasthi, H Kwon, G Galileos, W Gao, RA Sobel, ...
Nature immunology 9 (12), 1347-1355, 2008
Directed migration of neural stem cells to sites of CNS injury by the stromal cell-derived factor 1α/CXC chemokine receptor 4 pathway
J Imitola, K Raddassi, KI Park, FJ Mueller, M Nieto, YD Teng, D Frenkel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (52), 18117-18122, 2004
Oral tolerance: immunologic mechanisms and treatment of animal and human organ-specific autoimmune diseases by oral administration of autoantigens.
HL Weiner, A Friedman, A Miller, SJ Khoury, A Al-Sabbagh, L Santos, ...
Annual review of immunology 12, 809-837, 1994
The programmed death-1 (PD-1) pathway regulates autoimmune diabetes in nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice
MJI Ansari, AD Salama, T Chitnis, RN Smith, H Yagita, H Akiba, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 198 (1), 63-69, 2003
Oral tolerance to myelin basic protein and natural recovery from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis are associated with downregulation of inflammatory cytokines and …
SJ Khoury, WW Hancock, HL Weiner
The Journal of experimental medicine 176 (5), 1355-1364, 1992
IL-9 induces differentiation of TH17 cells and enhances function of FoxP3+ natural regulatory T cells
W Elyaman, EM Bradshaw, C Uyttenhove, V Dardalhon, A Awasthi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (31), 12885-12890, 2009
Double-blind pilot trial of oral tolerization with myelin antigens in multiple sclerosis
HL Weiner, GA Mackin, M Matsui, EJ Orav, SJ Khoury, DM Dawson, ...
Science 259 (5099), 1321-1324, 1993
Critical role of the programmed death-1 (PD-1) pathway in regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
AD Salama, T Chitnis, J Imitola, MJI Ansari, H Akiba, F Tushima, M Azuma, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 198 (1), 71-78, 2003
Induction of circulating myelin basic protein and proteolipid protein-specific transforming growth factor-beta1-secreting Th3 T cells by oral administration of myelin in …
H Fukaura, SC Kent, MJ Pietrusewicz, SJ Khoury, HL Weiner, DA Hafler
The Journal of clinical investigation 98 (1), 70-77, 1996
Expression of Cux‐1 and Cux‐2 in the subventricular zone and upper layers II–IV of the cerebral cortex
M Nieto, ES Monuki, H Tang, J Imitola, N Haubst, SJ Khoury, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 479 (2), 168-180, 2004
A critical role for the programmed death ligand 1 in fetomaternal tolerance
I Guleria, A Khosroshahi, MJ Ansari, A Habicht, M Azuma, H Yagita, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 202 (2), 231-237, 2005
Robust tumor immunity to melanoma mediated by interleukin-9–producing T cells
R Purwar, C Schlapbach, S Xiao, HS Kang, W Elyaman, X Jiang, ...
Nature medicine 18 (8), 1248-1253, 2012
CD11b+ Ly-6Chi suppressive monocytes in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
B Zhu, Y Bando, S Xiao, K Yang, AC Anderson, VK Kuchroo, SJ Khoury
The Journal of Immunology 179 (8), 5228-5237, 2007
Increased interleukin 12 production in progressive multiple sclerosis: Induction by activated CD4+ T cells via CD40 ligand
KE Balashov, DR Smith, SJ Khoury, DA Hafler, HL Weiner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (2), 599-603, 1997
Mutations in ARFGEF2 implicate vesicle trafficking in neural progenitor proliferation and migration in the human cerebral cortex
VL Sheen, VS Ganesh, M Topcu, G Sebire, A Bodell, RS Hill, PE Grant, ...
Nature genetics 36 (1), 69-76, 2004
Regulatory functions of CD8+CD28 T cells in an autoimmune disease model
N Najafian, T Chitnis, AD Salama, B Zhu, C Benou, X Yuan, MR Clarkson, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 112 (7), 1037-1048, 2003
Galectin-1 deactivates classically activated microglia and protects from inflammation-induced neurodegeneration
SC Starossom, ID Mascanfroni, J Imitola, L Cao, K Raddassi, ...
Immunity 37 (2), 249-263, 2012
Localizing central nervous system immune surveillance: meningeal antigen‐presenting cells activate T cells during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
P Kivisäkk, J Imitola, S Rasmussen, W Elyaman, B Zhu, RM Ransohoff, ...
Annals of neurology 65 (4), 457-469, 2009
Transcriptional therapy with the histone deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin A ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
S Camelo, AH Iglesias, D Hwang, B Due, H Ryu, K Smith, SG Gray, ...
Journal of neuroimmunology 164 (1-2), 10-21, 2005
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