Morten Bagge Hansen
Morten Bagge Hansen
Ass. professsor, head of department
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Re-examination and further development of a precise and rapid dye method for measuring cell growth/cell kill
MB Hansen, SE Nielsen, K Berg
Journal of immunological methods 119 (2), 203-210, 1989
Autoantibodies neutralizing type I IFNs are present in~ 4% of uninfected individuals over 70 years old and account for~ 20% of COVID-19 deaths
P Bastard, A Gervais, T Le Voyer, J Rosain, Q Philippot, J Manry, ...
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The effect of short-chain fatty acids on human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
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Reduced prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in ABO blood group O
MB Barnkob, A Pottegård, H Støvring, TM Haunstrup, K Homburg, ...
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Leishmania donovani-reactive Th1-and Th2-like T-cell clones from individuals who have recovered from visceral leishmaniasis
M Kemp, JA Kurtzhals, K Bendtzen, LK Poulsen, MB Hansen, DK Koech, ...
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Antibody to granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor is a dominant anti-cytokine activity in human IgG preparations
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Binding of cytokines to pharmaceutically prepared human immunoglobulin.
M Svenson, MB Hansen, K Bendtzen
The Journal of clinical investigation 92 (5), 2533-2539, 1993
High-avidity autoantibodies to cytokines
K Bendtzen, MB Hansen, C Ross, M Svenson
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Effect of 8 wk of bicycle training on the immune system of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
B Baslund, K Lyngberg, V Andersen, J Halkjaer Kristensen, M Hansen, ...
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Cytokines in sputum and serum from patients with cystic fibrosis and chronic pseudomonas aeruginosa infection as markers of destructive inflammation in the lungs.
G Kronborg, MB Hansen, M Svenson, A Fomsgaard, N Hsiby, K Bendtzen
Pediatric pulmonology 15 (5), 292-297, 1993
Metabolome, transcriptome, and bioinformatic cis-element analyses point to HNF-4 as a central regulator of gene expression during enterocyte differentiation
A Stegmann, M Hansen, Y Wang, JB Larsen, LR Lund, L Ritié, ...
Physiological genomics 27 (2), 141-155, 2006
A new sensitive bioassay for precise quantification of interferon activity as measured via the mitochondrial dehydrogenase function in cells (MTT‐method)
K Berg, MB Hansen, SE Nielsen
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Anti‐interleukin‐6 antibodies in normal human serum
MB Hansen, M Svenson, M Diamant, K Bendtzen
Scandinavian journal of immunology 33 (6), 777-781, 1991
Metformin-induced glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion contributes to the actions of metformin in type 2 diabetes
E Bahne, EWL Sun, RL Young, M Hansen, DP Sonne, JS Hansen, ...
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High avidity IFN-neutralizing antibodies in pharmaceutically prepared human IgG.
C Ross, M Svenson, MB Hansen, GL Vejlsgaard, K Bendtzen
The Journal of clinical investigation 95 (5), 1974-1978, 1995
Autoantibodies to crude human leucocyte interferon (IFN), native human IFN, recombinant human IFN‐alpha 2b and human IFN‐gamma in healthy blood donors
C Ross, MB Hansen, T Schyberg, K Berg
Clinical & Experimental Immunology 82 (1), 57-62, 1990
Transfusion practice in massively bleeding patients: time for a change?
PI Johansson, MB Hansen, H Sørensen
Vox sanguinis 89 (2), 92-96, 2005
Specific binding of interleukin 1 (IL-1) β and IL-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1ra) to human serum. High-affinity binding of IL-1ra to soluble IL-1 receptor type I
M Svenson, MB Hansen, P Heegaard, K Abell, K Bendtzen
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Auto-antibodies to IL-1α and TNFα in Normal Individuals and in Infectious and Immunoinflammatory Disorders
K Bendtzen, M Svenson, A Fomsgaard, LK Poulsen, MB Hansen
The Physiological and Pathological Effects of Cytokines, 447-52, 1990
Identified metabolic signature for assessing red blood cell unit quality is associated with endothelial damage markers and clinical outcomes
A Bordbar, PI Johansson, G Paglia, SJ Harrison, K Wichuk, ...
Transfusion 56 (4), 852-862, 2016
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